The Spirit of True Science Includes Supernormal Phenomena

Hu Zhang, Taiwan

PureInsight | February 18, 2002

I read a cultivation experience sharing article by a Dafa disciple who talked about an iron rod in his leg, which held his broken thighbone together. After he practiced cultivation, the steel brace dissolved without a trace and the bone healed completely. In his story, the miraculous power of Dafa was displayed.

Once, by coincidence I read a scientist's report about the amount of calcium in the poultry feed that was fed to hens, and which apparently, contained less calcium than the shells of eggs produced by the hens. Out of curiosity, the scientist analyzed the calcium content of the oats that were fed to the hens who had received only oats and nothing else. After analysing the eggs and droppings of the hens, the researcher concluded that the total amount of calcium found in the eggs and droppings was four times the amount in the oats fed to the hens. Where did the extra calcium come from? A common explanation is that the calcium was secreted by the bones of the hens. But every scientist knows that if that were the case, the bone structure of the hens would eventually become brittle as a result of the long-term calcium loss.

The experiments also showed that if the hens were given food without calcium for four or five days, the eggshells would become very soft. The hens were then given feed with a high potassium content but no calcium (the scientist also knew that the oats feed had a fair quantity of potassium). Once again, the eggshells contained the calcium required to make them hard! The experiments clearly indicated that living organisms possess the ability to 'reconstitute elements.' Perhaps the hens had 'added' hydrogen atoms to the potassium atoms to reconstitute them into calcium atoms. But this type of atom fusing, known as a 'fusion reaction', is only possible under the extremely high temperatures produced in a nuclear explosion, or in an immensely huge and expensive particle accelerator.

Plants too exhibit such alchemy. Scientists observed that seedlings grown in distilled water produced more potassium, phosphorous, magnesium, calcium and sulphur elements than they originally possessed. Plants possess the ability to reconstruct elements and this cannot be explained as a process of photosynthesis. Therefore, a practitioner's body having exhibited the power to change iron into calcium is no more extraordinary than the hens being able to change potassium into calcium. It is not magic, a myth, or wind in a void, but can be explained theoretically.

Why cannot human beings accept it? Apparently, modern science discards all phenomena that cannot be explained in its theory. Is not the acceptance of only the old theories one form of superstition -- the superstition of science? Why are ordinary topics like the eggs laid by the hens and seedlings grown in distilled water not taught as subjects in our institutes of learning? Why is it that persons who accept modern science as true, when confronted with such objective facts, cannot face them with tolerant and open minds and analyse the facts with curiosity? Instead, they exhibit an attitude of exclusion and rejection. A true scientist would ask: 'How is it possible for the hen to produce the calcium?' and, 'Can a rooster do likewise?' Similarly, the question ought to be: 'Why does a Dafa practitioner possess (apparently) supernormal capabilities?', and, 'Can anyone possess such a capability?' Perhaps broader questions can be put forward: 'How can Dafa practitioners exhibit such vital forces?', and, 'What is the truth of life?'

The truth of the universe is evident all around us. Yet, we would prefer to use our rigid mentality and withdraw from the truth that is placed before our eyes rather than consider and ponder the facts. Facing the numerous marvels of life created by Falun Dafa cultivation today, a person with the right scientific spirit will have to abide by the following: change from using traditional concepts, face the truth, and explore the correct path of science.

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