Realization Upon Watching Shen Yun's 'A Restaurant Tale'

Lian Qiao

PureInsight | March 16, 2022

[] I was fortunate to watch the world-renowned Shen Yun performance for the 2021 Chinese New Year. There was a lively program depicting the story of two ‘100-year-old restaurants.’

The two restaurants are separated by a main street, which was divided on both sides of the dance stage. Competition between the two restaurants was intense. As the competition seemed to reach a climax, the shop owners played tricks against each other non-stop. At this time, an astonishing scene unfolded: A huge fire suddenly erupted in the restaurant on the left side. I understood that how the other restaurant's owner reacted to her competitor's misfortune is perhaps what Shen Yun wants to portray to the world. That is, the female restaurant owner did not rejoice in the other's misfortune, nor ‘hit a person when he's down,’ so to say. Instead, she presented her own restaurant's silver taels (a Chinese unit of weight, that when applied to silver, was used as a unit of currency) to give to the other restaurant owner to help him get through the difficulty. And just like that, two ‘hundred-year-old restaurants’ forgot their former enmity and returned to goodness.

I remember the time when this program came out, it was also the time of the United States’ Federal Election, when there was intense competition between both left and right parties. It seemed like a time of unscrupulousness and disorder. Both fair and foul means were adopted. The deep rips in the United States are actually a miniature version of what's going on in the whole world, like how the epidemic is wreaking havoc, how the evil Chinese Communist Party has infiltrated and contaminated the world, and how demonic things have spread everywhere. The righteousness, innate sense of right and wrong, and sincerity that Shen Yun presents to the world not only offers people hope of salvation, but the performance also points out a realistic prescription to heal society's wounds.

Friends, the world is at the end of the last phase of this great calamity. Please stop fighting. Calmly reflect upon the moral lessons and hope that Shen Yun is presenting on the world's stages. In times of salvation, the Creator does not distinguish between different races, political parties, or your past wrongs. He looks only at your heart. Please see clearly the devil's tricks, and hold on to the kindness in your heart.

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