Reincarnation Record: Master's Mighty Grace (1)

Xiao Lian

PureInsight | April 1, 2022

[] As a cultivator, we all know that our compassionate Master is trying to save us. Therefore, our bodies can become healthy; our minds can open; we have the wisdom that can clearly see history and everything in the world; and we have invincible and indefatigable righteous thoughts and righteous actions. Whenever I think of what Master has endured for us, I often shed tears. Only by doing what we should do can we be worthy of what Master bears for us. I will share from the perspective of a higher level as to what Master has endured in history, so that we could obtain the Fa today.

Since the topic of "Master's Mighty Grace" is very broad, I will only select a few examples to illustrate.

The first day of the New Year, I found that Master published a scripture. I downloaded it right away and started reading.

After reading it, I deeply felt Master's painstaking efforts. I saw that Master lovingly held me in the palm of one hand, stroked my head lovingly with the other hand (I was in the appearance of a 15 or 16 year old at that time), and He looked at me with a smile. At that time, I seemed to understand Master's painstaking efforts: I must do what I should do—this is my way! This is the path I should walk on.

Tears fell like rain. At that time, I was thinking, Why can't I do well with what I should do?

Now, let me talk about what I know about Master's compassion and His bearing for us.

Steering the Fa Vessel Before Disaster Descends
(Suffering to Save, Hong Yin)

Many of today's Dafa disciples are from very, very high levels, and they have a very huge system of sentient beings and various substances. All are created and provided for by the Fa. Take me as an example, when I spent countless hours at that level that could not be counted in human time, I also saw the universe below my level explode and disintegrate many times, but I didn’t think that my own world would also face such a severe catastrophe.

Because the realm of my own had already corrupted, so many substances are not only mutated but also disordered. Just like a person suffering from an incurable disease, when one organ is faulty, many other organs are also faulty. The worst is that if everything in my realm is just a particle of a larger-scale system, it means that the same problem will also occur in a larger system, so isn’t it the same for larger, larger, and even larger systems? Although I can't see that far, but if we use the Fa to judge, then it holds true.

In the human world, we know that nothing exists in isolation. Matter is connected with the surrounds, from the macroscopic to the microscopic, from the far to the near sides. For example, man can exist on earth.

Master talked about this in Teachings at the Conference in Europe, “In this universe, surrounding Earth, there is an enormous, extremely microscopic material environment composed of material lives, layer after layer, which make up this environment in which humans can live. Also, the microscopic water of different levels that your eyes can’t see creates the numerous factors that enable the existence of plants, animals, and matter, and that enable humankind to have vitality here and to be able to live.

“There’s a type of matter that enables people to stand on the ground vertically and that prevents them from leaning laterally; and there’s a type of matter that acts as pressure and that presses down on people and objects to prevent them from floating up. There’s another type of matter that ensures the overall stability of the human brain and other organs. If your brain and various organs weren’t stable, when you stood normally you’d feel as if you were lying down; or no matter how straight you stood there, you would feel as if you could never stand straight.”

For the people on earth, maintaining the normal existence for human beings has to be so complicated, and the joint relationship between various substances at higher level is even more complicated. But no matter how complex, it is actually an orderly whole body. No matter how large the scope of a celestial body is, isn't it also a being or a god? It's just that the manifestation of God is different.

I described this to illustrate the complexity of the universe. There is a saying among ordinary people: If you pull one hair follicle, it will move the whole body. It also makes sense here. When this individual being undergoes a major mutation, everything that has various associations and cyclical relationships with it will mutate accordingly. When other systems mutate like this, it will also affect this system, forming a "vicious circle."

All sentient beings also displayed selfishness and various variations in their xinxing. The material substances at that level were not so pure, and even some severe mutations to material substances seemed to be at the final stage of “weathering,” as if they were about to disintegrate. The kings in those systems also wanted to save themselves and all beings, but after all their arduous efforts, they found that they couldn't achieve the goal at all.

In fact, what a god wants to change is also constrained by many factors. The god must have great abilities, and the required amount of mighty virtue and wisdom to achieve the effect of turning things around. It's not as simple as how humans may think.

Just at the critical moment when all beings were facing imminent danger, from a higher and more distant heaven, Master arrived with this great Fa!

The countless gods who witnessed that scene will never forget it: from that higher and more distant place, where nothing could be seen at all ... rays of light suddenly appeared, a pure and peaceful light. Not only were the ordinary sentient beings at that level of heaven amazed, but even the rulers of that level marveled at the scene. I composed a poem to illustrate the scene:

Pure Buddha light emerges from the heavens,
Peace and compassion embrace the world,
Boundless divine beauties and wisdom emerge,
All sentient beings have hope that they'll be released from misery.

After this beautiful light and auspiciousness was displayed, an incomparably transparent lotus flower appeared, it was like:

Beautiful like jade, shining in golden light,
A multi-tiered lotus, mighty virtue manifests,
All beings are tiny and pitiful,
Descending level after level, forming predestined ties with the Fa.

The sentient beings gradually began to see that a giant Buddha was standing atop the multi-layered lotus throne, with a palm erect in front of His chest. It was really:

Majesty and mercy infinite,
Buddha light shines upon the world,
In order to save sentient beings from calamity,
Steering the Fa vessel to offer salvation to all!

The whole scene was accompanied by delicate, never-before-seen wondrous sights, with music that these heavenly beings had never heard before! It was really a case of:

Wonderful things are displayed together,
A thousand magnificent scenes of heaven and earth,
Lord Buddha comes down to save all beings,
Resolving resentment with mercy!

At that time, all sentient beings were embraced by Master's immense and incomparable compassion, and in awe of Master's boundless mighty virtue. So they all knelt down on their knees to show their most sincere respect to the great Lord Buddha!

Perhaps, in order to make it easier to communicate with those sentient beings, Master made his body smaller. Every being was experiencing great excitement and was shedding tears. Those tears formed into many oceans in the level below.

With infinite compassion, Master said (to the effect of), "In this universe, problems have arisen in larger and smaller cosmic bodies. This matter involves the safety of all sentient beings in the universe, so I've come. In order to completely save the universe and perfect everything, we must descend to the lowest place in the universe. Only then can we solve the issue from top to bottom, from the microcosm to the macrocosm. On the one hand, I come here to form a relationship with you, on the other hand, I want to see who is willing to go down with me to the lowest level of the universe to help me save sentient beings?! And you must know that going down layer by layer means being dropping into layer upon layer of delusion. If you don't cultivate well, then, you will never be able to return here. If you don’t go down, with the trajectory of how things are mutating and corrupting here, everything here may become extinct. Even when the great force of my Fa-rectification arrives, you can only be recreated. Then with re-creation you may lose your original characteristics. Before you go down, you have to sign a pledge. Gods cannot break the pledge. At that time, there may be negative factors to interfere with you. Remember the vow at this time!"

Many capable gods said without hesitation, "We are willing to sign a pledge with you, go down to the lowest level, and help you save sentient beings! We are not afraid of being destroyed, not afraid of being lost, we only hope to do our best to save all sentient beings! A God's pledge is an oath, it will never change!"

At this time, our oath was clearly recorded on a scroll that suddenly appeared then and there.

At this moment, heaven and earth were singing, and sighing for our merciful feat. They celebrated to the fact that all beings in this system finally had hope of being saved. They both laughed and shed tears at the same time.

Master arranged the descending and ascending process for each being at that time, which was done according to the karmic relationship between each being and various factors in different levels. Put simply, Master arranged different paths of descending and returning according to each life's situation. The arrangements were meticulous, woven together by Master's efforts and compassionate grace.

(to be continued)

Note: What I am sharing, including what I have observed, is limited to my level of cultivation.

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