My Cultivation Experience in Promoting Shen Yun

Yang Guang

PureInsight | May 26, 2022

[] Last year we experienced the coronavirus pandemic and the USA General Election. It has been nearly half a year since the onset of Shen Yun promotion. We had three dedicated promotion groups. As our age, personality, habits and understandings of the Great Law vary from individual to individual so it’d been hard to cooperate with each other.

Looking back the past six months, although I’ve upgraded my Xinxing, and developed my understanding of the Fa. More importantly I was able to understand that fellow practitioners were endeavouring to keep up in Fa-rectification progress and coordinators have built work platforms for us under pressures.

I would like to share two stories about validating the Fa in the process of putting up posters.

1. Understand Fellow Practitioners’ Feelings

Master said in Teaching the Fa at the 2002 Fa Conference in Philadelphia, U.S.A., “Actually, did you know that those Great Enlightened Beings have a lot of things in the heavens that they too need to coordinate and discuss with each other?” “So what's their state of mind? It's tolerance, an extremely immense tolerance, being able to accept other beings, and being able to truly think from other beings' perspectives.”

When we travelled to a new city, we had to face some corresponding obstacles. Why was that? Because our personal cultivation has not met the requirement of higher levels, the sentient beings don’t think you’ve capacity to save them.

At one time, it was quite hard for us to put posters up. I could feel that a layer of evil beings had not been transformed yet. On the following day, before we put up posters in a shopping centre, we did a group sending forth righteous thoughts. The coordinator said, “The posters must be put up. Tell people what we’re doing properly. Don’t walk in rush.” She looked a bit aggressive, so I did not want to get along with her. I just cooperated with her on the surface.

I felt impatient with fellow practitioner’s words and behaviour. I said to her, “You don’t have to follow me. You can find a place to send forth righteous thoughts by yourself.” I was unable to get through the conflicts between us. As I was intolerant and not strict with xinxing, when I wanted to get back to her, she disappeared. I’d no other option but to keep going alone.

The fellow practitioner said to me, “Don’t do this in rush. We should tell them what the poster is about slowly and clearly. All the posters must be in place.” I had to follow her instruction, while I was refused by a couple of businesses. Suddenly my human notion changed. I thought, “We’re Dafa disciples. That amounts to divine beings, so we should not acknowledge what happened just now. We’re here to save people.” Then I put up a poster in a store successfully. Next, I visited some other stores; another poster was in place. I said to myself, “Fortunately, my fellow practitioner was determined to have posters in place. If not, I would visit every store in rush and leave the shopping centre.”

It looked difficult to abolish the human notion on the surface. However it turned out to be easy when my thinking changed. After I put up five posters successfully, I stopped calculating it. The sentient beings began to feel enthusiastic upon receiving information about Shen Yun show. They’ve been looking forward to the precious instant for thousands of years.

In some stores the manager and staff stopped working and watched Shen Yun promotion video together, which made me happy. We put up posters in such a large shopping centre, so we feel physically tired, but relaxed mentally. Also, the unpleasantness with my fellow practitioners disappeared. I felt thankful for them who pushed me to step up my efforts.

In the past, when I returned home, as long as I did exercises, I could recover soon. This time the situation was different. Soon after I returned home, I fell asleep right away. Why was that? Probably because I had to work hard to purge the degenerate things in other dimensions to save sentient beings.

A few days ago, a fellow practitioner shared her thought. She told us she was working as a salesgirl at a high-end men’s clothing store. Over the past years, all of her regional managers and colleagues had listened to the truth, but she did not have a chance to transmit the truth to the director general. As she was about to leave this company, she felt it a pity. She had a dream before she left her job position. In the dream, she was taken to a room by a man in black. Some people in that room fainted, as if they were all waiting to be executed. The man in black went out, and the practitioners let them go while he was not around. When the man in black came back and saw that no one was there, he picked up the gun and pointed it at the practitioner. The practitioner stayed firm and was not scared. As a result, the man in black turned the gun on himself and shot himself to death. She was unable to figure out what the dream indicated.

Fortunately, thanks to Master’s compassionate arrangement, she was able to seize an opportunity to convey the truth and gave out Shen Yun pamphlets to the director general before she left. This made her director very happy.

Until then did that practitioner understand the dream. Many personnel in the company’s senior level were homosexuals, who would be eliminated in the future. But compassionate Master required Dafa disciples to save those people. The man in black committed suicide, as he wanted to atone for his sins and free himself from the old forces’ arrangement.

We stress holistic upgrade to save people and keep up in Fa-rectification process, which is the first and foremost. My cultivation practice let me come to understand that all living beings are to be rectified by Dafa; we need to abolish the attachment to self.

As I deepened my understanding of the Fa, I became tolerant with that practitioner who looked aggressive. A great enlightened being has descended to the earth and endured countless tribulations, in order to assist Master to rectify the Fa. Why has Fa-rectification period been constantly extended? Because Master is expecting that Dafa disciples can reach our ultimate rank and more sentient beings be saved.

2. Keep Transcending the Level of Humanness and Become Broad-minded

A practitioner found a job and was about to start working. I talked to him, “Shen Yun show is finishing off in this June, yet we still have half a year to promote. Due to coronavirus restriction, it was hard to promote the show. At such a critical moment, you’d better work with us on Shen Yun promotion, as we really need manpower. Shen Yun is the most powerful project to save people. Also, your English is excellent, so you’ll have better jobs. We should meet Master’s expectation.”

When the practitioner was courageous to abandon the attachment to his job, his employer planned to secure his job position for six months. Therefore his worries disappeared. Also, I asked a practitioner who was working if she could take leave. She felt a bit stressful, as she treasured her work opportunity. However as soon as her employer heard about how she was persecuted for practicing Dafa, she gave the practitioner a hug and cried and supported her Shen Yun promotion work.

We started to travel to a city after resolving the conflicts. On arriving at the city, we began putting up Shen Yun posters and came across conflicts again. I drove specifically for our group, read the map, communicated with the local practitioners and the responsible practitioners. Sometimes there were lots of things to attend to; sometimes I was transferred to watch the car overnight. Also, I’d to pick up practitioners coming from somewhere else at any time, and to drive in the city area. Meanwhile, it was not easy to distribute the maps. The fellow practitioners either said that the store was not good, the distance was too far, or the waiting time was too long. I had to research the route in advance. Some wanted to return home early; some wanted to be late, and some even ordered me to do what they wanted. In short, it was not easy to work as a driver.

In addition to balancing these issues, I need to ensure my Fa study, doing the exercises and English study. For this reason, I was unable to do group exercises and take meals with others. Yet other practitioners still got confused why I was different from others. I simply stick to my own time schedule and I thought, “This will not matter as I won’t affect you.”

Once I was studying at the kitchen. A practitioner came and ordered, “I would like to have the pancake baked. You need to work with and follow me.” I thought to myself, "I have already boiled the porridge, the eggs, chopped the pickles, and prepared a pot of boiling water. Why do you still try to take up my time?” I said, “No, I want to study the Fa.” The way I replied to her was also aggressive. This made another two practitioners nearly angry too.

So I had to look within. I always intend to seize time to study, which seems good. But actually I hide a fundamental attachment: I’m going after fame in human society and I want to be beyond the average. As soon as I identified this problem, I apologized to fellow practitioners. One morning, I joined in group exercises. Afterwards I cooked the meals that suited everyone’s needs, including fried eggs, porridge, fried vegetables and pancakes and pickles. They felt very happy with the meal I prepared. They said, “Regardless of the quality of the meal, you did this earnestly. Females should learn to cook.” I suddenly became enlightened. I tried to learn knowledge everywhere. But Master already arranged me to learn household work. I looked outside. This made me ashamed of myself.

The practice environment became harmonious due to my positive transformation. Being helpful to others is a real happiness. I realized this because Dafa has reshaped my life.

We still have many other stories during Shen Yun promotion period. Putting up Shen Yun posters may not be considered big matters. But we’re on the divine path, and we can feel that Master is looking after us every single moment. What’s more, we can build up a small piece of brilliance in the course of cultivation.

Thank you, esteemed Master!

Thank you, my fellow practitioners!


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