Conversation with a Teapot

Zhen Han

PureInsight | June 19, 2023


One day, I was in a hurry to drink water and poured some cool water into my husband's teapot, which had some birch mushrooms in it. My husband had told me that drinking water with birch mushrooms can boost the immune system. Sometimes, he would also add some Ganoderma lucidum to it.

Unexpectedly, I saw the teapot talking to me, saying, "Master, drinking this water won't have any affect on you." I responded, "I know, I'm just thirsty and need to cool it down." The teapot replied, "Oh, I understand."

On another occasion, I did something similar, and the teapot said to me, "Master, drinking this water really won't do anything for you. It's effective for Sir only." I replied, "I know, I'm just trying to cool it down." The teapot nodded.

I then asked the teapot, "Does this water have any effect on my husband?" The teapot replied, "Of course, it is very effective for ordinary people. However, you don't need it because you are not an ordinary person." I couldn't help but laugh, thinking, "This is a very spiritual teapot that knows the difference between a practitioner and an ordinary person."

One day, I poured hot water into the teapot, thinking to myself, "How effective could this be?" The teapot said to me, "The things I contain inside are effective for ordinary people. Each element in the Five Elements has its own principles. Master, don't be disrespectful." After hearing the teapot's words, I realized that I had disrespected it, and that it had sensed my thoughts.

When I boil water, I often pour hot water into the teapot. Sometimes, I think to myself, "How much of a difference can this make?" As the ancients said, "One thought in the mind, everything in the universe knows." How many lives have perceived the one thought that I unintentionally expressed? At the very least, the teapot perceives the thought that I have, and it doesn't accuse me of having a contemptuous mind for no reason. The surrounding lives would also have perceived this.

I reflected: pouring hot water into the teapot for my husband is something I should do. One thing my husband often does when he comes back is to drink water. I did what I should have done, but I had an improper thought. This thought contains doubts, disrespect, and disdain. In fact, having no thoughts is the best.

The teapot's words are a reminder to me. Everything in the world has its reason for existing. The interaction between objects is constrained by the principle of mutual generation and restraint. My doubt and disdain negate the principle of things. Why did I have to negate it? Is it because I am a practitioner and know that everything exists in cultivation, and I know that I am healthy and extraordinary, so I had a complacent mind and emitted that thought?

The teapot perceived the thought that I had emitted, and it should have intentionally reminded me. I then examined my mentality towards some things and discovered that this contemptuous attitude really exists. When people have a discriminating mind, they will develop a sense of contempt. If the teapot is filled with ginseng or deer antler, I would not think, "How much of a difference can this make?" Unknowingly, my attitude towards objects fosters contempt and arrogance, which will lead to disrespectful thoughts or behavior. I think that in cultivation, this has to be corrected, which corresponds to expanding one's mentality and capacity.

Sometimes, the thought emitted by a practitioner is incorrect, but they are unaware of it and still act according to their own will. I really want to thank the teapot for reminding me.

When I felt like the article should be coming to an end, I thought to myself: this teapot knows the difference between a practitioner and an ordinary person, and is in a state of clarity. I had a thought and wanted to ask how it knew the difference. The result was that even though it was eight or nine meters away, it sensed it, and the life inside ran over happily like a cute chubby child. It ran up to me and said, "Did the master write about me? That's great!" I felt its joy and enthusiasm, as well as its innocence.

It said, "The master's field is very clear and comfortable. When the master practices, I feel good, so I keep my eyes open and watch. When the master reads, I sometimes see the light flashing, which is very beautiful. Oh, the field of your husband, which is a field of fame and profit, is not good, especially when he comes back with alcohol and cigarette smells, it's too unpleasant. When he pours water, I have to hold my nose." At this point, the teapot looked at me and whispered, "The little master has returned, and I found that she has become lazy. It wasn't like this in the summer." I said, "She has a cold and hasn't recovered yet. I will convey your message to her." The expression on the teapot's face became somewhat shy, and I thought it didn't want the little master to know its evaluation!

Looking at the teapot, I remembered the scene when I chose it years ago. The teapot in front of me immediately said, "I always remember that when I and the purple clay pot were placed in front of the master, the master was still thinking, 'Which one should I choose?' I thought to myself, 'Pick me, pick me!' I saw the master hesitate for a moment. At that time, I was so nervous that my heart was about to jump out of my chest. The master chose me, not the purple clay pot. I felt so happy inside, like I was going to faint. At that moment, I was the winner. The master didn't know that before, I had a hard time! That purple clay pot was very arrogant and often belittled me, saying that my color wasn't pretty, that no one would choose me, and that I should fall to the ground and die. I don't know why it was so malicious towards me. When the master brought me home, I left that arrogant purple clay pot and felt proud."

I laughed, as the teapot's experience is also very interesting! I said, "Bringing you home is also a kind of fate." The teapot said, "Of course, of course, on behalf of my group, I thank you. Actually, I'll tell you a secret, we also have a group of living beings in the upper realm, with teapot kings who are very large in size. They chose me to come to the lower realm and establish a relationship with practitioners. I am now contented and have fulfilled my mission." I was also surprised, so that's how it is!

At this moment I thought of what Master had said in Teachings Given on Lantern Festival Day, 2003, “And beings have kings, or in other words, every being has a king.” “But living things are connected to their own kings, and they aren’t connected to other beings. That is, even though they intersect throughout the space of the cosmos, they have their own independent systems and are governed by their own kings. So lions have their king, apples have their king, bananas have their king, trees have their king, plants, grass, flowers—all things—they each have their respective kings.”

I said, "Tell me about your reincarnation!" The teapot said, "I have been through several containers, especially teapots for drinking. I have experienced aluminum teapots, copper teapots, iron teapots, enamel teapots, porcelain teapots, ceramic teapots, and the most noble was when I became a snuff bottle made of enamel." I said, "That must have been during the Qing Dynasty." The teapot said, "Yes, I was a snuff bottle for a prince, but I was damaged by a tomb raider's electric drill and was finally liberated. Later, I became a plastic teapot. My previous owner put disinfectant water in me and sprayed me all over. The smell in my belly and throat was unforgettable for a long time."

I said, "Life is not easy, and experiences can be unexpected." The teapot said, "Will my owner publish the article he wrote about me?" I said, "Maybe it will be published, maybe not. Some of my articles get published, but not all." The teapot said, "......I saw that the article you wrote about me was published." I said, "Did you see it while looking at the computer with me?" The teapot said, "No, I didn't look at the computer, but I knew the thoughts that my owner had when you were writing the article..."

Its response left me stunned. In the space that we cannot see with our naked eyes, the soaring of our thoughts is known by many forms of life...

The conversation with the teapot came to an end, and it now sits quietly in its place, still exuding an air of composure and dignity. However, I know that what happened during our conversation was significant for both me and the teapot.

There are many mysteries in this world that we do not know about. All things have a spirit, and this is not an empty belief. I hope that readers enjoy this article and that the teapot's journey was not in vain.

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