Journey of Sacred Destiny: (12) Motian Kingdom and the Pyramid


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[] This is the third year since Mo Cai arrived in the Kingdom of Jule. The young King of Modi, Gang Le, challenged Jule, and Dai Le decided to lead his troops out to meet them in battle. In the temple, Dai Le bowed down to the gods and prayed for their protection. Yue Chen saw that the thread of fate between the King and Queen was about to come to an end. The geographical line that extended from Motian Kingdom was still firmly tied to the Queen's feet and connected to a massive building. Yue Chen knew that the King's journey would be dangerous and that the Queen would return to Motian Kingdom. Faced with such an outcome, Yue Chen fell silent.

During the battle, after the two armies clashed twice with no clear winner, Gang Le, who was eager for victory, set a trap. Dai Le fell into the trap and was cut into pieces by the sharp knives inside.

The day before Dai Le's tragic death, Mo Cai had a dream. She dreamt that the palace was covered in dark clouds, and a bolt of lightning struck. The thunder was deafening as the main pillar of the palace collapsed into several pieces. A dark cloud beast descended from the clouds and flew towards her. Its hooves touched the ground as it carried her away quickly.

Mo Cai woke up from her dream, her heart pounding. She knelt on the bed, with her hands crossed over her chest, sweating profusely. She knew that the dream was a sign of Dai Le's death and also foretold that she would be taken away. She dared not think too much, but could not help but worry. Mo Cai's heart was restless, and she spent the night sleepless.

Two days later, news of Dai Le's death reached the capital, and the palace was filled with grief. Mo Cai wore a white robe to mourn her husband, and she was deeply saddened. She remembered how her parents had left her one after another when she was ten years old, and now her husband had also left. Why did fate have to be this way? Her sorrow almost made her faint. She cried and grieved for two days, unable to eat or drink, and became extremely weak.

On the third day, Mo Cai was alone, trying to hold herself together. She leaned against the wall and remained motionless, her eyes blank. Suddenly, she saw a golden halo appear before her, and within the halo was a huge Buddha with coiled hair and a robe draped over his body, emitting a gentle glow. The Buddha looked at her with compassion, and Mo Cai looked up at him, feeling the compassionate radiance of the Buddha, which was gradually dispelling her pain. Her body was no longer stiff from excessive sorrow, but instead became soft. Mo Cai's heart was filled with light and strength.

Mo Cai heard the compassionate voice of the Buddha: "Child, be strong." In an instant, tears filled Mo Cai's eyes, but she still felt the Buddha's radiance through the misty tears. Mo Cai's tears flowed uncontrollably, and she quickly wiped them away. She heard the Buddha say, "Child, when you are in the future evil world, sinking and facing destruction, I will come to save you." The voice had a penetrating power, as if it had penetrated into the microcosm of her body and left an indelible imprint in her memory and blood. Mo Cai's heart was filled with indescribable gratitude. She clasped her hands together and knelt before the Buddha, bowing three times. As Mo Cai looked up, she saw the Buddha gradually receding, and before he disappeared, she vaguely saw a sparkling golden tower.

In an instant, a spiritual shock made Mo Cai think of the golden tower she had built with her brother. A sudden thought occurred to her: she must return to her brother's side, he was her closest person. Mo Cai felt that she still had a great mission to fulfill, but she did not know what it was. The thought of going home was urgent, like the beat of a war drum.

The palace servants noticed that the Queen was no longer sorrowful and had a determined expression on her face. The palace continued to receive news of defeats in battle as Gang Le captured the cities of Misuo, Daishan, and Nanshi. Whenever Mo Cai heard any news, her expression remained calm and composed without any panic. She knew that her dream had given her a sign that the enemy would take the capital and take her away. Mo Cai gave orders to the soldiers to defend the capital effectively, but without causing too many casualties to themselves.

Mo Cai changed into solemn attire and went to see the priest Yue Chen. Upon meeting him, Mo Cai said, "Is this the fate of the country and the King's calamity?" Yue Chen replied, "It is heaven's will. The Tiantong chessboard has long predicted the fate of the country. The 'destroy' chess piece in the chess box keeps jumping, corresponding to the war and disaster in the southeast. The 'fire' and 'water' chess pieces also have abnormal movements, corresponding to the drought and flood disasters in the northwest of the country." Mo Cai said, "The King is kind and loves his people, yet he suffers such a tragic fate. Please guide me, Priest." Yue Chen said, "It is karma in this life and the result of the past. The king was a King in his past life and defeated an enemy country, causing the enemy King to die a terrible death and taking his Queen as his own. This time, it is the enemy King who has come to collect the debt."

Mo Cai said, "I dreamt that I will leave the capital city. Please advise me on the final direction." Yue Chen replied, "The Queen is a person blessed by the gods, and you will eventually return to your own country and fulfill your long-cherished wish. There have been various omens that have already revealed the fate of the country and the King. At the King's wedding ceremony, I saw three marriage blossoms, indicating that the King and Queen's marriage will last only three years. When the King was building the palace, the Queen saw five evil spirits, representing calamities that will arise from multiple directions. When the King led his army into battle, I saw in the temple that the King and Queen's marriage was about to come to an end. Now, the country is suffering from continuous war in the southeast, countless families are broken, men are dying, and women are being humiliated. In the northwest, there are droughts and floods. All of these are predetermined by heaven, allowing people to atone for their sins. I consulted the gods and learned that the Queen can protect the people of the country. I beg the Queen to pray for the people before the gods, and eliminate the disasters."

In the temple, Mo Cai knelt before the statue of the deity and said, "Heaven has arranged for the decline of the nation and the assassination of the King. Now the people are suffering, and the world is in chaos. If I can bring peace to the country and save the people from suffering, I am willing to stop the war and make the people safe. May the droughts and floods be mitigated, and may the Jule Kingdom receive the grace of the gods. I am grateful for the blessings of the gods, and I will follow the arrangement of heaven." After a pause, Mo Cai continued, "I thank the mercy of the Buddha. When I was in sorrow, he gave me strength and guidance. I hope the great Buddha will stay in my heart forever, and I pray for his salvation in the end times."

Mo Cai's last words surprised the priest. After the Queen finished her prayer, in the purification room of the temple, Yue Chen asked, "Did you see the great Buddha enlightening you, Your Majesty?" Mo Cai replied, "Yes." Mo Cai told the priest about the appearance of the Buddha she saw, the words she heard from the Buddha, and the supreme compassion she felt from him. As Yue Chen listened, he felt a strong tremor from deep within his being, which originated from the smallest particles of his body, causing layers of vibrations, each of which sparkled with brilliance.

Yue Chen placed his right hand on his left shoulder and exclaimed, "I saw a prophecy in an ancient prophecy that said a foreign woman saw the great Lord Buddha in our country beforehand. A foreign craftsman cast the great Buddha statue and enshrined it in a huge golden pagoda, protecting all the people. Regardless of nationality or social status, they all receive the Buddha's blessings. With this blessing, they can escape the demon's rampage and enter the world of light in this evil world. I believe that the Lord Buddha Queen saw is the one who can lead all beings to the world of light."

Yue Chen continued, "I have a question, and I hope the Queen can answer it. I think the Queen has outstanding talent, but you have been hiding your talent, which surprises me." Mo Cai said, "The priest of my homeland advised me not to show my talent and not to surpass my husband's wisdom. He said that managing the country is a man's job, and I followed his advice."

Yue Chen sighed and said, "I understand now. There are always people who are more knowledgeable than us, who have already foreseen the will of heaven. Moreover, beyond that, there is always a higher power at work, arranging everything according to the divine will. If the Queen were to reveal your talents, the love between you and the King would deepen, but you would also suffer more in this calamity and find it harder to break free. However, the Queen is protected in many ways: firstly, the priest has awakened you; secondly, the light from the protective bracelet keeps the King and Queen pure and free from emotional entanglements; and thirdly, the great Buddha appears before the Queen, revealing the future and bringing humanity the good news. When one door closes, another opens, and the Queen is lucky to be chosen by the gods for this mission."

Mo Cai said, "Perhaps I am too attached to worldly things, or perhaps I am still attached to the desire for a good life and have not let go of myself. The gods are afraid that I will lose my way, so they have given me many protections. I am grateful for the blessings of the gods and the mercy of the Buddha."

Yue Chen continued, "I believe that the high priest of your country, Meng Gang, is the master of Tongtian chess. Therefore, I ask the Queen to take the Tongtian chessboard with you and give it to the holy priest of Motian Kingdom. He is a saint." Mo Cai agreed to take the Tongtian chessboard with her.

Then, Yue Chen said, "The world is vast, and perhaps we may never meet again in the future. I hope that the Queen will not forget about the people of the Modi Kingdom and remember them." Mo Cai nodded in agreement.

(To be continued)

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