The Hazards of Smart Phone Obsession

A Dafa Disciple in China

PureInsight | May 16, 2024

[] The appearance of mobile phones in the Latter Day of the Dharma and the End Times replaces computers, televisions, currency, letters, etc. Although it makes communication more convenient, it also creates a distance between people. Ordinary people may become less diligent at work, unwilling to do household chores, neglectful of elderly family members, and impatient with educating their children, all due to excessive phone usage. Students playing on their phones often get immersed in imaginary games or indulge in various novels filled with violence, sensationalism, and explicit content, leading them astray. This leads to the distortion of their values. Teachers in schools lament that each generation of students seems to be worse than the previous one. As a person of insight, one should be aware that playing with smart phones is like opium, a spiritual opium harming humanity.

As a disciple of Falun Dafa, it is even more inappropriate to use smart phones. I often use a non-smart phone, although I also have a smart phone. Although I do not carry the smart phone with me regularly, once I return home, I immediately pick it up to watch videos, read novels, and do shopping. Assuming two hours a day for my cell phone usage, it adds up to sixty hours a month, which is seven hundred and twenty hours a year, and in reality, it is probably even more! So much time slips away in vain, what a pity! It has delayed my household chores and seriously interfered with my commitment to doing the three things well. Sometimes, during Fa study, my mind reflects on some scattered content I have seen, and I cannot make up for the neglected righteous thoughts sent.

Later, a small black circle appeared accidentally in the pupil of my left eye, like a ring that would not dissipate, floating in front of my eyes. Viewing things seemed like looking through glass, and there were occasional pains in the back of my eye. A thought followed: there is high eye pressure, and bleeding at the back of the eye. This thought flashed, and immediately I became alert. Something was not right. How could I know what illness this was since I was not a doctor? I am a practitioner of Falun Dafa. Since the day I began cultivating, my fate has been altered by Master. If I have omissions, I would rectify them in my cultivation. I absolutely did not allow any being or any old forces to exploit and persecute me. I addressed the spiritual being responsible for the disturbance in my left eye, saying, “If I owe you something, I will repay it. However, I cannot repay it now. Moreover, my Master takes care of these matters. First, I absolutely will not allow you to interfere with my Fa study. Second, I won't allow you to jeopardize my safety in life.”

I knew that the interference in my left eye was caused by my attachment of using the smart phone, but I still have not let go of the phone. The circle in my left eye was adjusted by Master to a slightly different position during a Fa study, and although it still existed, the impact was not significant. It was not until recently, during discussions with fellow practitioners, that I realized various disturbances appeared due to using the smart phone, seriously persecuting the bodies of fellow practitioners. I made a firm decision to eliminate this persecution, as the old forces were exploiting it to disrupt practitioners in doing the three things well, undermining the steadfast righteous thoughts of fellow practitioners, and hindering Dafa disciples from assisting Master in the Fa-rectification. I decided to give up WeChat and put down the phone.

The practice of Falun Dafa is serious, with the old forces closely observing every practitioner. Building a dam thousands of miles away, we cannot afford even a slight breach. Years of cultivation should not be ruined by the use of smart phones. Nowadays, people look at their phones while walking, eating and even falling asleep. As practitioners, we cannot go with the flow and follow the dangerous decline of morality. In the final stages of Fa-rectification, it is crucial to correct our own cultivation paths, eliminating any attachments or omissions. We must vigorously strive to follow the path Master has laid out for us, focusing on how we study and cultivate with fellow practitioners, giving up the addiction to smart phones, and utilizing a significant amount of time for Fa study and saving sentient beings. Through it, we may attain the standards of a cultivator, completing our journey with Master, and returning to the beautiful heavenly world.

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