Healing from Craniotomy without Medication Is Master’s Mighty Virtue

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PureInsight | May 16, 2024


——The Gauze Was Magically Pulled out of My Ear

I firmly started practicing Falun Gong in 2012. Because I obtained the Fa late, I cherished it very much and did not dare to waste time. I paid close attention to the three things. But after my daughter gave birth, the situation changed.

My husband has passed away. I have a son and a daughter. My son is not married yet, and my daughter has given birth to a grandson. My uncle lives in a rural area and he is making a living elsewhere. I live with my son, daughter, and grandson. When my daughter goes to work, I take care of my grandson day and night. I also wanted to leave my grandson to my daughter to take care of at night, but when my grandson woke up at night, he ran to his grandma's bed.

Taking care of my grandson, my truth-clarification was not greatly affected. Every day I took my grandson to the market to clarify the truth. Then I go shopping for groceries and go home, cook for the children, and get busy doing laundry and mopping the floor. I regarded clarifying the truth as cultivation and neglected to study the Fa, cultivating my mind, and sending forth righteous thoughts.

Gradually, I got stuck in family affairs and family conflicts without realizing it. On February 9, 2021, which was the 28th day of the twelfth lunar month, I got into an argument with my daughter over a trivial matter at home. I cursed her and scolded her for having "bags under my eyes." I have not cultivated my speech and do not look like a cultivator at all. I didn't keep my xinxing, and I didn't admit my mistake to Master later. My family and children are here to help me cultivation, but I have not improved.

At noon the next day, I thought that  would be New Year’s Eve, and my daughter’s family of three would go to her mother-in-law’s house in the countryside, so I cooked a large table of dishes for them to have a farewell party. I am so busy cooking. I don’t have the time or the thought to send forth righteous thoughts! My son-in-law had gone out and had not come back yet, so my daughter sat at the table and started eating. I saw that the corners of my grandson's mouth were a little dirty, so I gave him a tissue to wipe his mouth.

At this moment, I felt a black hand hit my head hard. The pain caused me to fall to the ground and spit out two mouthfuls of porridge. My first reaction was to beg Master, "Master, save me! Master, save me!" I closed my eyes tightly and tried to open them, but couldn't; I tried to move my arms and legs, but couldn't. I couldn't seem to hear anything. I felt like there was silence all around me, and I felt powerless. However, my consciousness was clear, and I made a weak voice, "Master, save me. Master, save me!"

After the children saw me falling, they wanted to call 120 and send me to the hospital. My daughter said to me, "Mom, let's go to the hospital." I couldn't hear the sounds in the surrounding environment, but I could hear the children communicating with me alone, and I still made a weak sound. The voice said, "I won't go to the hospital." Then I fell into a coma, lost consciousness, and didn't know anything anymore. Looking back now, I feel horrified and shuddering. The old forces wanted to kill me!

I was taken to the local brain hospital by ambulance and underwent a craniotomy. When I woke up, I was still in a daze and couldn't wake up. I felt so tired and sleepy! At this time, the doctor came, and I heard the doctor say, "Let's get an injection!" I said, "I don't want an injection." At this time, I saw Master standing beside my bed in a trance, and I remembered that I was a practitioner. I said to Master, "I am not sick and do not take injections or medicine. It is not me who gets the injection." The nurse came again with medicine, but I kept my mouth shut and refused. Then I thought about it, the nurse doesn’t know that I practice cultivation, so I can’t make things difficult for the nurse. I opened my mouth to take the pill, but kept it under my tongue. After the nurse left, I spit out all the pills.

Soon, I was transferred from the intensive care unit to the general ward. After arriving in the general ward, I asked to listen to Master's lectures. The children brought the player for me. I played Master’s lectures every day. All the patients and caregivers in the ward listened to the Fa and benefited from it.

The doctor did not let me eat, only allowed me to drink some porridge, and gave me infusions every day. After a few days, I sat up quite steadily. Other patients were envious of me.

I asked to be discharged from the hospital, but the doctor refused. I begged Master in my heart, "Master, I want to go home. I shouldn't be here." A few days later, they performed brain CT scans on me for two consecutive days. Whenever I took the scan, I begged Master, "Master, I'm fine. Don't have any problems with the X-ray. I want to be discharged from the hospital." The doctor took the X-ray and said, "Very good, very good." The doctor asked me when I wanted to be discharged from the hospital, and I said, "Now!" The doctor said, “You will be discharged from the hospital tomorrow.” The next day, on the fourteenth day of the first lunar month, I went home happily to celebrate the Lantern Festival on the fifteenth day of the first lunar month with Master.

When I was discharged from the hospital, the doctor prescribed me a lot of medicine and told me to take it on time. When I got home, I threw away all these medicines without hesitation. My daughter said, "Mom, the doctor said that you will go to the hospital for a review in half a month or twenty days." I said firmly, "I am discharged from the hospital. I will never go back."

Because my grandson was picked up by grandma in law, I had time to calm down and study the Fa extensively. I picked up Zhuan Falun and read and read, finishing one lecture after another. Ashamed! Why haven't I read such a good book carefully before? I practice the exercises every day, and send forth righteous thoughts at four hourly times around the world every day, which is extended from the original fifteen minutes to half an hour. I also send forth righteous thoughts at other hourly times as much as possible.

Seventeen days later, I went to a group to study the Fa. Fellow practitioners were very happy to see me and encouraged me to look inward and find out what my attachments were that allowed the old forces to take advantage of me and cause me to suffer such great tribulations. I said, "Yes, I don't know how to look inward. I used to go out almost every day to persuade people to withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party and to distribute materials. I regarded this as all part of my cultivation. I never seemed to look inward at my own shortcomings. I really need to study the Fa and cultivate my mind."

I started looking inward every day, and thinking about what attachments I had all the time. Slowly I discovered my resentment, showing off, and personal gain. These three attachments are the most important ones, so heavy that I cannot see or recognize them. I still don’t know how to guard my speech, so I say whatever I want. I despise my daughter’s mother-in-law’s family for being poor, and I despise my in-laws’ inability to take care of their children. I have a completely ordinary person's mentality. I use ordinary people's thinking to look at and deal with problems, and I still take it for granted.

I look inward every day, and sometimes I feel very uncomfortable. I feel more and more sorry for Master's mercy and suffering. I started having diarrhea, sometimes in the middle of the night, and excreted a lot of bad stuff. I knew this was a good thing. It was Master who was so kind and compassionate and was helping me clean up my body.

Master said in Fa Teaching at the 2008 New York Conference, “no matter how great or harsh you find them to be, are good things, because they take place solely on account of your cultivation. A person can eliminate karma and shed human attachments when he goes through ordeals, and through ordeals he can improve."

Master said in Dafa Disciples Must Study the Fa - Fa Teaching Given at the 2011 Washington DC Metro Area Fa Conference, “For a Dafa disciple, cultivation is first priority. That’s because if you fail to cultivate well, you will not be able to accomplish what you are to do; and if you fail to cultivate well, your power to save sentient beings will not be that great. And if you cultivate a little worse, then you will view and consider problems in the manner that ordinary people do, which would be still more awful."

Now I am studying the Fa more carefully, and especially have a deeper understanding. Good things and bad things for a cultivator are all good things. After this tribulation, I learned how to practice true cultivation. All three things must be done well and cannot be substituted for each other. Cultivation is the first priority. Only by cultivating ourselves can we save more sentient beings, only by clarifying the truth can we have the power of the Fa and will things go smoothly.

A few days later, I started clarifying the truth again every morning. I persuaded several to a dozen people to quit every day, and distributed Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, truth-clarification pamphlets, USB flash drives, amulets, etc. face-to-face in large numbers.

A few months passed quickly. One day, while I was sending forth righteous thoughts, my ears suddenly made a "click, click, click" sound that kept ringing. What is the reason for this? There's nothing wrong with the ears, and there's no surgery around the ears. Why do I keep making a clicking sound? Regardless of it, this is Master helping me clean up my body, which is a good thing.

Every time I send forth righteous thoughts, it makes a clicking sound, and it doesn't make any sound even when I don't send forth righteous thoughts. It's really weird! I can't remember how long it was. One night at twelve o'clock, after I had finished sending forth righteous thoughts for half an hour as usual, I wanted to lie down and sleep. Suddenly, my head hurt. I had a splitting headache. I couldn't lie down or fall asleep. I murmured to Master, "Master, it hurts. Master, help me." I fell asleep without knowing it, and when it was dawn, nothing happened.

A day or two later, my elder sister and younger sister came to my house to visit. Usually, I sit face-to-face with them, which is convenient for chatting and talking. For some reason, my younger sister and I were sitting side by side on the sofa that day. My younger sister said, "Sister, there is a large piece of gray earwax in your ear. Let me take it out for you." I readily agreed. Since I couldn't find an ear pick, I gave her a small hair clip.

She carefully picked it up with the small clip. As she picked it out, she muttered: "Why is it so big? It can't be picked out." I said, "Don't worry, take it out slowly." Finally, she pulled it with her hand and slowly pulled out a gauze strip! My younger sister was shocked and praised repeatedly: "Sister! Dafa is great! Dafa is miraculous! You are blessed! You have a great destiny! Your Master protects you! Such a large piece of gauze came out of your ear, if it weren't because your Master protect you, you still have to do a craniotomy to get gauze out!" My older sister also said it was miraculous!

I was very happy, very excited, and very grateful to Master, but my thoughts were very simple. It was so simple that when my sister threw the gauze into the trash bin, I had no reaction. I should keep this piece of gauze as a permanent testimony that Master protects me. I am very sorry that I did not keep this piece of gauze, but it will remain in my heart forever and inspire me to practice Dafa diligently.

Some people may say: How is it possible to pull a piece of gauze out of the ear? If gauze is in the ear, won't hearing be affected? If you pull out the gauze, will your eardrum not be ruptured? You listen to me, I don’t know the structure of the ear, my eardrum is not ruptured, my hearing is not affected in any way, and my hearing is very good. This is Master protecting me by letting the gauze come out of my ear. Otherwise, I would have suffered so many pains and suffered so much in the future. This makes me believe even more in Master and Dafa. This is the magic of Dafa!

It is Master’s mighty virtue to be able to make me recover from a craniotomy without medication! Kneel down and worship Master again! Thank you Master! Master, don’t worry, I will keep improving.

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