Insights on Cultivation: Cultivate Oneself

A Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | June 23, 2024

[] Master said in Teaching and Explaining the Fa at the Metropolitan New York Fa Conference, “If you do well in cultivating yourselves it will have a bearing on major things in the future cosmos. The process of Dafa disciples' personal Consummation is over, but as my disciple, as a Dafa disciple, the responsibility that history has bestowed upon you today doesn't end with your achieving personal Consummation--it asks you to do even greater things, and wants to establish for you even greater mighty virtue.”

Master's lectures awakened disciples. My understanding was that good self-cultivation not only reflected on the changes of the human body but also extended to all sentient beings involved behind the scenes, as well as the significant mission carried by Dafa disciples and the rapid advancement of the Fa rectification. Under the blessing of our Master, one could dissolve evil elements using the righteous thoughts and take the responsibility for the righteous factors in the universe. Thus, the individuals’ attachments were eliminated continuously and righteous thoughts grew stronger. When the attachments were about to be eradicated, if one truly stood from the perspective of the Fa without magnifying the attachments and the sufferings, he/she would be able to overcome them. The accompanying changes included the purification of the body, the clarity of thought, the improvement in cultivation status, and subtle changes in the surrounding environment corresponding to one's progress. One may experience miraculous occurrences that were previously unimaginable and see worries gradually turning towards favorable outcomes, truly entering into a state of well-being.

All changes before my eyes appeared naturally; everything was filled with peace and compassion. At this moment, my heart felt warm, knowing internally that Master has been blessing His disciple and my entire family as a whole. Looking inward has the path arranged by Master; walking under the right track got Master's blessings and made the wonders of Dafa manifestation. All these changes were because we cultivated ourselves.

Good self-cultivation manifested in various aspects. In the human world, individuals would become compassionate, kind, and possess a sense of transcendence. However, the changes in the other dimensions would be earth-shattering. The historical mission carried by the human body, this small universe, should be unimaginable in the current realm. We only comprehended from Master's lectures that Dafa disciples had a significant mission. However, only Master truly knew the cosmic truth. Master told us in To the India Fa Conference, "It is your responsibility to provide salvation to the sentient beings where you live. Accordingly, you must cultivate yourselves well! Cultivate diligently and solidly and become a genuine Dafa disciple."

In the current realm, I have realized that the premise of good self-cultivation was to have a correct base point. The characteristics of the old universe was selfishness; while the characteristics of the new universe are selflessness. Master has created the new universe, and beings who met the standards of the new universe could enter it. None of the factors of the old universe could remain.

Today, an incident made me realize the connotation of self-cultivation. We visited a relative who got an illness. After we purchased the gifts, a minor incident made me very upset. My husband suddenly seemed to be possessed by something negative, full of resentment and complaints about me. At that moment, I was truly angry, and yet he was so unreasonable in his complaints since it was not a big deal. I thought he was ungrateful because we spent money for the visit to his relatives. At that moment, I did not argue with him but felt very uncomfortable as if there was a lump in my heart. A feeling of no choice but to suffer in silence! An inexplicable annoyance caused by negative substances disturbed my thoughts. At that moment, evil outweighed goodness. Although I knew I should keep my xinxing, I could not completely let go, but harbored resentment.


People could not see the beings in another dimension. When the improper thoughts arose, evil elements in the other dimensions would be generated. Coincidentally, the evil element exploited one of my husband's actions to activate my demonic nature. At this moment, a flood of resentment burst forth like water rushing through a breakthrough of a dam. The demonic nature was activated, and the interfering factors of evil took effect. Meanwhile, the unknowing husband was also full of resentment, criticizing me for various things. The scene made my blood boil; and I really wanted to have a big fight to vent my anger, but immediately suppressed the demonic nature and refrained from erupting.

Suppressing the demonic nature was also a process of self-cultivation. It felt like walking forward under an invisible pressure, with the moments of wavering and hesitation. However, a strong righteous thought supported me, urging me not to succumb to the demonic nature, not to be fooled by evil, and to maintain kindness. Gradually, the positive factors strengthened; the environment changed. When I completely calmed down, there was no more resentment, no ripples. This was the process of moving from being human to being divine by eliminating the demonic nature. In addition, it was the embodiment of cultivating oneself.

Any shortcomings in these cultivation insights, please kindly correct them with compassion, fellow practitioners!


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