Near Death Experience (3): Postive and negative reactions

PureInsight | January 5, 2001

IV. Role Reversals as a Result of an NDE:

A. Females generally become more assertive and outspoken afterward; men more thoughtful, caring, and emotionally expressive.

B. Men were less willing than women to view an unpleasant and/or hell-like scenario in a positive fashion and take steps to make constructive changes in their lives because of it.

C. More men reported lengthy and complex transcendent experiences than women, yet that fact is not representative of the aftereffects nor what the individual did about what had happened to him or her.

V. The Most Common Negative Reactions From Near-Death Experiences:

A. Anger--for having been revived and forced to leave wherever they were.

B. Guilt-ridden--for not missing or even being concerned about their loved ones.

C. Disappointed--at discovering they are once again encased in their physical bodies and they will have to breathe, eat, etc.

D. Horrified--if their experience was frightening or hellish or unpleasant.

E. Dumbfounded--if they want to talk but can't or are afraid to.

F. Depressed--at realizing they must now resume their former lives, that they must find a way to go on with regular living regardless of what happened to them.

VI. The Most Common Positive Reactions From Near-Death Experiences:

A. Ecstatic--at the wonder and beauty and glory of it all.

B. Thrilled--because they feel so privileged to have experienced such a miracle.

C. Grateful--that anything so incredible could have happened to them.

D. In Awe--possibly unable to speak or find words.

E. Evangelistic--immediately desirous of telling others the good news about death and God and the power of love.

F. Humbled--by the magnitude of the incident and what it may portend.

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