Some Thoughts About Ozone Hole

Practitioner in Atlanta

PureInsight | June 4, 2001

As a Falun Dafa practitioner, I have learned about reasons other than those currently accepted by the prevailing scientific community as to events that occur in the world. Take for example, the hole in the ozone layer. The current understanding by the world scientific community is that the hole was caused by an excess of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). This conclusion was based on the fact that CFCs are seen to deplete ozone in laboratory tests. The conclusions reached in these tightly controlled experiments were then applied to the uncontrollable atmosphere and quickly taken by the world as fact. Entire governments have aligned behind this 'fact' by agreeing to eliminate and/or tightly control their emissions of CFCs.

Now, researchers in Tasmania have found that the hole in the ozone is shrinking for the first time since the hole was discovered in 1985 (The Times (London), Henderson, 12/4/00).

This interests me as a Falun Dafa practitioner because of Master Li'$s lecture in Los Angeles in 1999, where he states...

[...] "Science's understanding of many things is too shallow; even its understanding of matter in this existing dimension is insufficient. Because it's incapable of recognizing the existence of God, it has limited its own development. For instance, scientists nowadays are all saying that mankind's industrial pollution is quite severe, and one of the examples is that Freon and other substances used in coolants are said to cause damage to the ozone layer. They say that damage to the ozone layer has occurred at the South Pole, where a hole has appeared. The fact is, science is incapable of realizing the role played by Gods, so people say that the hole was caused by the damage to the ozone layer. It is indeed true that the pollution brought by today's industry has caused mankind's air to be polluted to an extremely terrible extent.

Yet those countless lives in the immense universe in the microcosms are, with or without form, all Gods, and they exist in the microcosms that human beings can't see. Air is composed of molecular particles, while molecular particles are composed of more-microcosmic particles. In the air itself, there are countless layers- layer after layer, toward the microcosm- and they are all Gods. When they saw that the human environment had become like this, they opened up a window, opened a door, to expel the waste gases from Earth. This was done by Gods; they opened it on purpose and then closed it. If Gods didn't protect humans, humans wouldn't be able to survive. Man not only doesn't believe in Gods, but also dares to be disrespectful to Gods. Let's use the simplest example. You know that the places where industrial pollution is most severe are the most populated places ¡ª big cities. Why didn't a hole develop in the ozone layer above those places? It's because Gods think that opening a hole in the South Pole area is safe for man. It should be that wherever there are more waste gases, there should be a hole in the ozone layer why isn't it that way, then? [...]

Master Li makes a very valid point, here. If, in the laboratory, CFCs were shown to deplete ozone upon contact, isn't this most likely to happen where there are the most factories, and cars, and refrigerators, etc, from which the CFCs are to have originated? You would think ozone holes would appear above LA, or New York,or Tokyo, or Mexico City, or Rio, or New Delhi, or Shanghai where there are the highest concentrations of people. Master says that this has not happened because the gods, caring for the health of humans, are responsible for opening up the atmosphere in remote places, to let harmful gasses out and that they will then close it back up when this has happened.

Assuming this is true, what is most interesting to me is the fact that the gods actions in their dimension are in parallel with our human actions in this one. It is true that the world mobilized to reduce CFC emissions, and it is true that the ozone hole is closing. Gods act and there are results. We act and there are results. We see results, and we easily 'find' our own theories for causes.

This parallel cause/effect relationship in the 2 separate dimensions is the same as the way illness is manifest in the human body. Falun Dafa practitioners understand that illness results from the accumulation of karma and yet, if I ask, say my girlfriend who is a medical doctor what causes disease, she will point me to an endless chain of events that preceded the rise of the illness. This is not only the case in illness, but in everything that happens to us in today's world. There has to be a reason for things to happen or humans can't live their lives. A degree of certainty about 'how things work' is required for humans to drive their car, get on an elevator, eat their lunch, etc. Master talks about this being considered a 'superstition' since we lack our own empirical evidence that pushing on the brakes will stop the car every time. We assume that the engineers that designed those breaks, did it right. We are therefore superstitions- we believe without empirical fact.

Thinking about all of this, I am humbled to consider the power of the gods to which Master refers. The myriad of details that have to be substantiated in the human world to maintain the maze that we live in is beyond comprehension. The number of things that have to have happened for all of the things that do happen has to be on the order of trillions to the trillionth power!!! This power is huge!!! This makes sense that Master often mentions 'countless' Buddhas, Gods, and Daos as well as the many, many earthly gods....

This is only my current understanding...


The Times (London), 12/04/2000, 'Ozone hole will heal in 50 years, say scientists'

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