Bai-Zi-Ming (A-Hundred-Character Memo) Foretold the Spread of Falun Dafa

PureInsight | June 4, 2002

There are many ancient Chinese prophecies that foretold the spread of Falun Dafa. Among these prophecies Bai-Zi-Ming (A-Hundred-Character Memo) is the most plain and specific for Falun Dafa.




Bai-Zi-Ming is a hidden-headed poem. In addition, it can be understood only by reading in a spiral order (See the Figure: A, original layout of the text; B, The spiral order a reader should follow). From the character "大" to "道", till "際", six characters compose the first sentence: "大道本無涯際". The second sentence starts from the character "示", which is actually located in the lower right part of the last character of the first sentence, "際". The second sentence is also composed of six characters: "示人愈好愈奇". Here the last character of the second sentence is "奇", in which there is a "可" in it. And this "可" serves as the first character of the third sentence: "可知金丹九轉". In this way, you read the whole text following a spiral order until finish with "笑笑喜喜", which located in the center of the original text (marked with a rectangle). Now we can put the whole text in a readable layout:


If literally translated into English, it could be:

The Great Way is actually boundless, so good and so miraculous to show people,
(From it) we know that the golden elixir turns nine times, particularly for the instinctive mystical mechanism,
On a couple contract meetings, no single character or a dot was altered.
So many citations and evidence, everywhere there are people demonstrating it,
To predict and calculate on the time, in twenty years the Buddha stays then goes west,
To put everywhere into account, to spread and save all directions,
Everybody says to force (to change) but no change, it is time even the literati carry swords,
Finally the whole jade returns to who originally owned it, walking on the river bank with willows around,
Earth, wood, gold, water with fire (five elements), eight by eight and nine by nine all return,
In the end the magnificent vow and great will are completed, people of the past become happy.

With only one hundred and one characters, Bai-Zi-Ming describes a great unusual heavenly change. It was said to be written by a Taoist, called "玄妙道". The text appeared recently after been lost among the people for many generations. There is nothing accidental. People should consider carefully what it means.

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Translator's note: If another person did the translation, he might give you a different version. For prophecies written in ancient languages, personal interpretation can not be avoided during translation. So it might vary from person to person. But the overall meaning that the original text wanted to say is right there. I like this prophecy since it interests people by revealing ancient wisdom and it fully used the power that only ancient Chinese language had. You can't write this in modern Chinese. Enjoy it.

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