End the Evil Persecution in Hong Kong with the Righteous Thoughts from All Dafa Practitioners as One Body

A Dafa Practitioner in UK

PureInsight | November 11, 2002

The force of Fa-rectification is quickly reaching the surface layer of the human world. More and more people have learned the truth about the evil persecution against Falun Dafa. These people have broken away from the old forces' arrangement and have ensured their future in the new human world. Now that the evil forces have realized that they are doomed, they are putting up their final desperate struggle. They are evil beings. Because it is our holy mission to eliminate the evil with righteous thoughts, we shall continue to devote ourselves to eliminating the evil until the arrival of Fa-rectification in the human realm.

During the past three years, the evil forces have been viciously destroying countless innocent lives in China. In addition, the evil forces never stop trying to extend their persecution outside of China. They have attacked individual overseas Dafa practitioners, hiring gangsters to blackmail and intimidate them. They refuse to renew the Chinese passports of Dafa practitioners living outside of China. They threaten Dafa practitioners' families in China. They hack into email accounts and email servers for evil purposes. They try to prevent peaceful appeals overseas, threatening to cut off existing trade relations with democratic countries. Recently, the evil forces tried to establish an "anti-subversion" law in Hong Kong to justify the persecution there and to make it legal there. This is an evil and devious arrangement. It is even worse than the way of "dealing out punishment first and making the law to justify the punishment later" they used in China. Dafa practitioners around the world need to clearly recognize the evil forces' arrangement, and understand the impact of the "anti-subversion" law in regards to the future of Hong Kong and the global Fa-rectification process. We should especially note that the establishment of the "anti-subversion law" would ruin the future of countless sentient beings, as well as the corresponding cosmic bodies, when the force of the Fa-rectification arrives in the human realm. As Dafa practitioners who should be compassionate towards all sentient beings, we should give this matter its due attention.

The Fa-rectification in the Present Stage Requires Righteous Thoughts from All Dafa Practitioners as One Body

The Fa-rectification has advanced to the final stage. Dafa practitioners have eliminated all but a few wicked and rotten demons with the power of their righteous thoughts. The process of Dafa practitioners around the world as a whole doing the Fa-rectification work is actually the process of the rebirth of lives in the universe at the macroscopic level. When the Dafa practitioners are doing Fa-rectification work, we should constantly keep the mentality of teamwork in mind. We should improve and upgrade ourselves, and send forth righteous thoughts as one body. This is what I believe the Fa requires of us at the current stage of Fa-rectification.

The evil may be rampant on the surface, but it will not affect the speed of Fa-rectification, because the Fa-rectification is under Teacher's control. However, the evil persecution will destroy many innocent lives in the universe. The purpose of Teacher's Fa-rectification is to save all sentient beings in the universe. Therefore, when we eliminate the evil with righteous thoughts, we are displaying our compassion toward sentient beings in the universe and protecting them from the evil's manipulation. On the surface, the evil is testing Dafa and Dafa practitioners in the form of persecution, but Teacher has never acknowledged the persecution. "If your righteous thoughts are truly strong, if you are able to put aside the thought of life and death, and if you are solid and unshakable like diamond, then those evil beings won't dare to touch you." (From "Touring North America to Teach the Fa") From the Fa's perspective, the Fa requires us to continue to reinforce unshakable righteous thoughts from cultivation within Fa-rectification to stop the old evil forces from doing more damage. I think the Fa-rectification in the present stage requires righteous thoughts from all Dafa practitioners as one body. In hindsight of the incidents that occurred in Germany, Iceland and Denmark, the old forces exploited the loopholes of European Dafa practitioners as a whole because they had not met the current standard of Fa-rectification. I believe that this standard is for Dafa practitioners to deny the arrangements by the old forces "as one body". It is only when Dafa practitioners continuously improve their xinxing, give up the notion of "self" and truly understand the importance of righteous thoughts from the Fa's perspective as one body, will Dafa practitioners will be able to end the evil's plot of extending the persecution to Hong Kong and overseas.

Clarify the Truth to Overseas Governments and Media Outside of China

Besides sending forth righteous thoughts as one body, Dafa practitioners must also emphasize truth clarification work, targeting governments and media outside of China. This is Fa-rectification work at the human level. "Being outside China, it is of utmost importance to clarify the truth to the precious Chinese people living inside and outside of China. At the same time, do not let up in clarifying the truth to each country's every level of government and media, because the government's attitude is very important for the future of that country's people." (From "To Fellow Practitioners" updated on September 7, 2002.)

All dimensions in the universe correspond to one another. The effects of the righteous thoughts are manifested in deep dimensions. Dafa practitioners must act according to "cosmic climate." Dafa practitioners should expose the evil's intention behind the "anti-subversion " law in Hong Kong to overseas governments and media. It is particularly important to let the Hong Kong people realize that this law jeopardizes their rights and freedom. If all Dafa practitioners as a whole send forth powerful righteous thoughts, together we will form a giant field of righteousness, which will stop the evil from ruining Hong Kong, and naturally dissolve the evil.

Teacher keeps asking us to study the Fa well no matter how busy we are. He asked us to understand the Fa from the Fa. I truly feel that only when I study the Fa well, can I keep a clear mind, identify the demonic illusions of the evil's persecution, and evaluate every issue with righteous thoughts. Everything that happens during the Fa-rectification period is a test of Dafa practitioners' righteous thoughts and righteous actions. All global and regional Dafa work requires us to send forth righteous thoughts as one body in order to prevent the old forces from using our loopholes to interfere with Dafa work. Sending forth righteous thoughts as one body is what the Fa-rectification requires of all Dafa practitioners in the current Fa-rectification stage. It will leave the wicked demons and rotten spirits terrified and in despair.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2002/10/8/18810.html

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