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A Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | February 27, 2003

[] I read the article "In Other Dimensions: Fa-Rectification Approaches, The Evil Struggles and The Earth and Human Bodies Are under Attack" ( The article states, "We often talk about denying the old forces' arrangements. But if we don't study Fa well, we cannot fundamentally deny the old forces' arrangements. There are still residual evil forces to be eliminated, partly because Dafa disciples are unable to deny the old forces in a broader range. There are realms to be denied which are beyond our realization. Dafa is so immense that it is beyond our imagination. Only if we diligently cultivate from the standpoint of Fa can we rise above the old force's arrangements and deny them." These words invoked a lot of feelings in me. Over the years, the old forces have made arrangements upon arrangements. It is just like many multi-national companies. From the perspective of this dimension they are making a life-and-death struggle through a global operation.

At the time of eliminating the power behind the chief agent of evil in the human world, a hostage incident occurred in Moscow. As we were rescuing Mr. Chan Wing Yuen, the Embassy of Thailand in Cambodia was burned. And when we were rescuing Charles Li, the space shuttle Columbia crashed. A considerable number of practitioners still think our cultivation is personal cultivation. They tend to think about what they have done, how others think of their cultivation, what they want to do, what attachments they still have, what they think should be done, and so on. As far as such practitioners are concerned, they think that they should just "do [things] without pursuit." And they think that everything is fine as long as they try. They think that they should not get attached to the results they achieve. All such ideas focus on the individual. And they tend to neglect the consequences of their actions in the Fa rectification - how it may influence the entire body of practitioners, what the overall situation requires of us, and what one should do to support the entire body. Generally speaking, this is a serious limitation of our practitioners. We need to break through it as soon as possible. Only when we break through selfishness and the limitations of our notions, are we able to see the overall situation on a larger scale.

Many practitioners have done very well. However, we still often neglect to understand the things we do from the principles of the Fa and the overall situation. For example, suing several of the evil heads, thoroughly and systematically exposing the evil, founding the Global Mission to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong, and so on, have all been done well. However, for the time being many practitioners think that these things "ought to" be done, but they may not necessarily understand what makes these things good from the perspective of the Fa. As to exposing the evil, their understanding is only limited to the surface. They found it right only because Master made it clear in the articles. My understanding about Fa-rectification cultivation is that the requirements of the Fa-rectification measure everything. Master said clearly in "Towards Consummation" that the old forces took advantage of our attachments to damage us. We already know that they purposely created problems that we were afraid of, and they damaged things that we were attached to. Once we keep in mind that the evil doers in the human world have many more evil attachments than we do, we will see how the old evil forces have made use of these degenerate beings to achieve their ends. That means that we should destroy the weapons of the evil forces and their spiritual column of scum in the human world: evil attachments. As evil beings fear being exposed, we have exposed their bad deeds. As they fear being sued for their evil deeds, we sue them. They are afraid of having nowhere to escape, and then we show them the miserable end of the Cultural Revolution. If they think that they have a way of escaping retribution for their deeds, we let them know about the fate of the Nazis. We made the documents of the litigation public and let the evils realize that the evil Jiang has reached a dead end! Do you want to protect yourselves? The only thing you can do is to stop the persecution! They have tapped the phones of and spied on Falun Gong practitioners overseas, so their actions should be exposed to the people of the world. In short, we should take actions on what they are afraid of. Only this way can we eliminate large numbers of evil forces and stop their madness.

When we clarify the truth to everyday people, we should not completely conform to every single one of their attachments. A normal attachment of an everyday person is acceptable at this stage, but we definitely must not conform to evil attachments. We should eliminate the evil with our righteous thoughts. Everyday people cannot live without sentimentality, and so we let them see that families are being destroyed by the evil in China, such as "An Open Letter to My Fiancé Charles Li." If everyday people have the attachment of zealotry, then we demonstrate to them the goodness of Dafa and joys of cultivation such as many programs by Dafa disciples in various areas. If everyday people have a tendency to get angry, we let them know about the brutality of the persecution. A while ago, an article was posted on Clearwisdom net entitled "Some Understandings on Handling Family Tribulations." I think it is well written. The author expounded upon many different problems, and then clearly differentiated them and came up with good solutions to the problems.

Of course, we cannot talk about how to cope with these problems without compassion. However, the compassion that we talk about is the Fa rather than the norms of everyday people. What we should show the public is far more than the persecution, but the evilness of the persecution. What we should make them realize is more than the persecution of our kindness, but the viciousness of the persecution. What we want people to see is not our appeals and protesting, but our safeguarding morality, dignity, and the whole human world!

Recently, I have had a very clear feeling that the evil old forces are making their final global arrangements. Although it is merely their useless struggle before they die, it still can cause us losses and regrets. The evil old forces have been manipulating some everyday people or even some practitioners who could not step out from their individual cultivation to make trouble in the Fa-rectification. The old forces believe that everything in the human world was arranged by them. Therefore, they dare to be extremely rampant and they think that they have support for their actions. This requires us to look at things from the perspective of the whole and from the overall situation. It also requires us to transcend the old forces. How do we make this breakthrough? I think that our thinking should go beyond ourselves, and we should not resign to fate or adversity. We should look inward and improve in an open and dignified manner. Everything in the heaven and the human world is in our control. What people want to do is up to us. We should place ourselves in the position of "In control of Heaven and Earth, rectifying the human realm." (From "The Foretelling") If every practitioner can do this, the so-called arrangements or tests of the evil old forces will be finished.

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