Using the Limitations of Modern Science to Clarify the Facts

An American Disciple

PureInsight | March 17, 2003

[] I'd like to share my understanding of how we can clarify the facts by demonstrating the limitations of modern science.

Being Dafa disciples, we all know that modern science is very shallow. Not only that, a belief in modern science has led people to deny the existence of God and the principle of "Good is rewarded, and evil is punished." This has contributed significantly to the degeneration of human morality. Master Li has said this many times.

Then, how should we look at modern science? It is warped. But people believe in it to their very core without giving it a second thought. I believe that in order to save beings on a large scale, we should reveal the imperfections of modern science.

There really are many things that could be done in this endeavor. For example, in life sciences, there is a lot of evidence that demonstrates a clear relationship between mind and matter. In medicine, we can highlight the advantages of ancient Chinese medicine compared with modern Western allopathic medicine. There are also many interesting accounts of Near Death Experiences that demonstrate clear examples of "Good is rewarded, and evil is punished." In archeology, there are prehistoric findings that challenge the modern theory of evolution. There are also discoveries in astrophysics that challenge traditional thinking of how new stars and galaxies are formed.

We have to be very clear about one issue. Based on principles of the Fa, modern science has no way out. All Dafa practitioners who are researchers in various scientific fields understand this. Currently, most scientists blindly believe in modern science. They do recognize there are many problems. They are hoping for a resolution, but they are reluctant to admit that science as it is cannot solve the problems. Many professional journals report the findings that substantiate their theories, while ignoring facts that do not fit. Ordinary people blindly believe in the experts. Unexplained phenomena can only be understood from a perspective outside the realm of modern science. Many ordinary people cannot see a way out, and are afraid to face the limitations of modern science. We could use the wisdom of Dafa to guide their thinking.

We can explain things using several approaches. First, we can show that new discoveries (such as evidence clearly demonstrating a relationship between mind and matter) prove that modern science has fundamental problems. Secondly, we can show that Dafa is able to explain things and solve problems that modern sciences can't. Thirdly, we should inform people of the benefits of Dafa by directly introducing it to the public.

There are many good articles on PureInsight and other Dafa websites that we can use. We need to view and utilize new discoveries from the viewpoint of Fa-rectification, and explain them in understandable and acceptable ways. Of course, it goes without saying that when our hearts are pure and righteous, the result we achieve in our truth-clarifying efforts will be even better.

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