Proper Effects of Prophesies on Clarifying the Truth


PureInsight | April 21, 2003

[] Many prophesies have been made during the various historical periods of human beings and from different nations. They often discuss the holistic development of humankind, especially with regard to our current cosmic evolution. Some prophesies directly or indirectly speak of the disasters in the final period of the Last Havoc, and the spread of Falun Dafa. These prophesies have provided us with a powerful tool for use in clarifying the truth. But how exactly should we look at the effect of prophesies and the evolvement of the history described in them? Plus, how should we take advantage of these prophesies? I want to share in this paper my opinions with everyone, and ask that you please give your suggestions or comments if there is something improper.

To understand this question correctly, we first need to understand the relationship between Master's Fa-rectification and the arrangement of the old forces. Throughout the series of Master's recent lectures, we have learned that the old forces carefully and meticulously arranged the process of human development. In other words, human history has developed according to the old forces' arrangements before our Master began to do Fa-rectification. Even after Master began to do Fa-rectification, there were many external factors in dimensions that were still untouched by Fa-rectification, and thus still following the old forces' arrangements. But our Master has opposed the arrangements of the old forces. So the process of Fa-rectification, including Dafa disciples helping Master in Fa-rectification, is the process of fundamentally breaking through the arrangements of the old forces and denying their arrangements, and of making the world develop according to the requirements of the Fa.

On the whole, the unfolding of history arranged by the old forces has been the subject of many of these predictions, even with predictions that the righteous Fa would be spread to make human beings experience a purifying and regenerating age. These kinds of descriptions can only play a positive role during Fa-rectification. But, the prophecies cannot precisely indicate the genuine process of Fa-rectification, especially the detailed events, since the process of Fa-rectification cannot be clearly seen by any being in the universe, no matter how high a level he is from, whether he is positive or negative one, or even if he is a Dafa disciple.

So the prophesies can only play a role of assisting Master in Fa-rectification. We should not search for or become attached to any detailed developments of Fa-rectification in these prophecies. Nor should we match up the specific events in the prophecies with what we do today or try to correspond to them intentionally or unconsciously, which is not the firmly righteous actions of Dafa disciples.

Fa-rectification is independent of any skills or methods and solely dependent on its own essential strong force and immense power of the Fa. What we should do is to act according to the Fa and to break through all internal and external restrictions. Not one god from the old universe can escape from the old universe's deterioration. So no matter what kinds of good thoughts they started from, their prophecies are still just the arrangements of the old universe. As matter of fact, aren't Dafa disciples full of the elements of the old universe before assimilating to the Fa? The developments arranged by the old forces have been changed. Nowadays, we should use the prophecies rationally as powerful tools, because they can demonstrate the facts of history that the gods have arranged and thus be used to break many shells blocking people so they can accept the righteous Fa. At the same time we need to avoid getting into the minor matters of the prophecies. We especially need to avoid conducting ourselves according to them.

The above are just my personal understandings to share with everyone.

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