Discussion Forum for Creating Artwork for "The Three New Domains Art Exhibit" Held in Chicago

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PureInsight | June 30, 2003

[PureInsight.org] On the afternoon of June 21, 2003, a number of artists who are also Falun Dafa disciples successfully held their first discussion forum in preparation for creating artwork for "The Three New Domains Art Exhibition." Our benevolent and great Master personally attended the forum and gave those who were present a Fa lecture that lasted close to three hours. He gave practitioners a serious teaching and provided everyone with endless inspiration. Afterwards, everyone felt that things suddenly appeared clear to them, their mind were opened up, and inspiration for creating artwork came to them. They gained a deeper understanding of the meaning and importance of using art to validate the Fa during the Fa-rectification period.

Everyone came to realize that the modern art is bent and demonic in nature. Every single Dafa practitioner who is a professional artist has been influenced by this type of warped notion. Every single piece of Dafa artwork must be extremely proper and orthodox in nature. In addition, each artist must use his or her understanding of the Fa and personal cultivation experiences to validate the real existence of gods and buddhas through art. Furthermore, instead of featuring karma-laden ordinary people, the artwork should be praise for magnificent Gods and the unprecedented powerful current of Fa-rectification of the cosmos. Everyone also came to realize that this art exhibition is not just an ordinary art exhibition. It is a cultivation process for everyone to wash away their own warped notions and let go of their senses of self and all kinds of attachments. It will also serve as a reference for the future mankind on what true human art is.

During the forum, practitioners re-read relevant scriptures such as "For Whom Do You Exist" and "Buddha Nature." After studying the Fa and listening to Master's Fa lecture, everyone talked about how some of their artistic concepts have changed and also their understandings on how to create artwork that truly conforms to the requirements of Dafa. Everyone also shared their understandings on their initial ideas and plans as well as their new thoughts on the subjects of the artwork that they are planning to create for "The Three New Domains Art Exhibition" after listening to Master's Fa lecture. They also evaluated artwork that some practitioners had brought with them to the forum.

This process of creating artwork for the exhibition is a process of conducting serious cultivation, improving one's xinxing as well as one's artwork, and validating the Fa. After going back to their respective regions, all the practitioners plan to keep sharing experiences with one another through all available channels to hold more in-depth experience-sharing and discussions, cooperate together and follow the process of Fa-rectification closely.

Translated on June 28, 2003

The Chinese version is available at http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2003/6/28/22261.html

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