The Ultimate Trial

Xing Jian

PureInsight | September 15, 2003

[] Since the 2003 Midwest-U.S. Fa conference in Chicago, I have been thinking about my shortcomings brought out during our efforts to bring the head evildoer to justice, and have been studying the Fa more intensively.

One morning a thought flashed through my mind, "Hurry up and read 'Expounding on the Fa' in Essentials for Further Advancement." I immediately opened the book, and read the article several times.

Then another thought slowly started to form in my mind. I began to ask myself, "Have I understood the lawsuit with my true nature? Is my true nature rectifying the Fa? Have I ever felt there was anything I could do other than passively rely on and wait for other practitioners or even ordinary people regarding the lawsuit against the head evildoer?" At that moment, a voice in my head answered, "Have I regularly sent forth righteous thoughts for the outcome of this lawsuit?" "But you send forth righteous thoughts for the purpose of eliminating the demonic interferences connected with this trial? This means that you are ultimately concerned with only 'this trial.' You are concerned about this trial and hope to push it forward. Isn't your intention limiting the effectiveness of your righteous thoughts?"

Another voice said, "A practitioner sending forth righteous thoughts with pursuit is analagous to taking medicine. The effect is minimal, and it is at the level of Qi."

1. An Inspiration from "The Two Hands Join As One"

We need to have a more than superficial understanding of evil. Reviewing Teacher's "Teaching the Fa at the 2002 Fa Conference in Philadelphia" and His many lectures from other regions, we know that the reason why those living beings in the lower dimensions dare to do evil against Dafa is because of the manipulation from the degenerated old forces in the higher dimensions who are interfering with the Fa-rectification. Corresponding to the higher dimension, Jiang's crimes of torture, crimes against humanity and genocide are also against heaven and the Buddha Fa. By committing these crimes, Jiang interferes with and damages Fa-rectification, and attempts to destroy all beings within the Three Realms.

Since Teacher's great force of Fa-rectification has basically eliminated the old forces, isn't it high time the evil were put on trial and brought to justice? From studying the Fa it has become clear that "Only the most surface layer of its postnatally-formed body, that postnatally-formed material form, is still being propped up by the evil." (from "Teaching the Fa at the Washington, D.C. Fa Conference" on July 22, 2002) With that in mind, the trial against the head evildoer in this human world is not just an ordinary lawsuit processed at the Federal District Court for the Northern District of Chicago. Instead, all the evil beings and evil elements behind and associated with the head evildoer will also be put on trial and eradicated.

Dafa disciples come from different colossal firmaments, celestial bodies and universes, and each represents his or her respective time-space dimension. Each of their successfully cultivated sides has already become a righteous God that has assimilated into the Fa. Certainly, our divine sides will have the intention of putting the evil beings on trial and completely eradicating all the evil elements. It will be just like using "Great Law of Soul Catching" mentioned in Lecture Seven of Zhuan Falun. "All at once, after it is caught very quickly, the hand outside takes hold of it, and the two hands join as one and catch it..." (from "The Issue of Healing Illness" in Lecture Seven of Zhuan Falun) Similarly, besidesin addition to clarifying the truth about Falun Dafa, Dafa disciples should also allow their divine sides to exercise its full strength in bringing all the evil beings that have committed crimes against Dafa to justice, eradicating them and offering sentient beings salvation. By doing this, our divine sides and our human sides will join as one and catch the evil beings. Since our sending righteous thoughts in the human realm eradicates all the evil beings in other dimensions that interfere with Fa-rectification. Our trial in the human realm will bring more than just the head agent of evil in the human dimension to justice.

2. Aspirations, Mind Intent and the Divine Powers of Buddha Fa
We know from the principles of the Fa that the process to bring the chief agent of evil to trial hinges on our righteous thoughts, in being able to be truly pure and without loopholes for the old forces to exploit. It also depends on our confidence in and realization of the Fa. For hundreds of thousands of years, in our heart of hearts, we have established human concepts when we counteracted everything; that is why, in the process of bringing the chief evil to trial, we are also verifying the Fa. With every step we take we are eliminating that deeply-rooted process and those concepts in the human mind. For instance, at the beginning, our concepts hindered us. We did not take the initiative to inform Congress. Later, after we realized that, some congressmen wrote the "amicus curiae" (means "Friends of the Court") brief, in support of the lawsuit against Jiang. Later still, more members of Congress got to know about the true situation of Falun Gong, and thus had a renewed opportunity to re-position themselves correctly. Clarifying the facts will save more people in the world and eliminate the persecution by the evil.
The boundless Dafa has provided us with inexhaustible treasures to eliminate all hindrances. The Fa has given us omnipotent might. Those parts of us that have been cultivated possess the extraordinary capacity of the divine power of Buddha Fa. The crux of the matter is whether or not we have realized this. When we are passive, what is it that is hindering us? When we prominently show "that won't do" and this "cannot be," we would likely conceive a lie. As we slide downwards, we will certainly be exhausting tremendous efforts in utilizing these human notions. When human notions block our aspirations, even by doing more, the underlying principles have become unsuitable and illogical. Would sending forth righteous thoughts still be effective then? Furthermore, to go to extremes and be attached to what we are thinking, we are no longer taking a stand in safeguarding the Fa and saving others as a basic premise. It is obvious that though it appears not to be the concept of a human, an attachment itself is a huge loophole. At this juncture, can the sending forth of righteous thoughts be from our inherent nature?

Returning from Chicago and reading Lecture Nine, I used all my energy that day to carefully copy the whole section of "Mind Intent," stroke by stroke, every one of the Chinese characters. I gained immensely. Teacher said, "Actually, as for some qigong masters, they do not even know, and neither are they clear about what supernormal abilities they possess. They only know that they can do whatever they want, as long as they think about it." (from "Thoughts" in Lecture Nine of Zhuan Falun)

"May my wish come true" is a saying known to many people. Humans considers this as taking a chance or trusting your luck, just wishful thinking. Ask yourself: have you thought about whatever you are doing, and if it were not going to work well, are you going to contemplate it any further?

Teacher said, "When a practitioner is doing something specific, it is his supernormal capabilities that are at work." (from "Thoughts" in the Lecture Nine of Zhuan Falun) I realized that I must ask myself: As a practitioner, do I have the pursuit of bringing Jiang Zemin to justice? Have I used my righteous thoughts (or my supernormal capabilities) regarding this issue completely free from demonic illusions of reality and am I in compliance with the Fa?

Teacher also said, "For a practitioner, his intention commands his supernormal capabilities to do things; for an ordinary person, his intention commands his arms and legs and sensory organs to work..." (from "Thoughts" in the Lecture Nine of Zhuan Falun) Oftentimes, it takes a revolution in our thoughts to improve a situation. When we understand a problem from the perspective of the Fa, when we overcome a real hardship, when we can really do it, we will indeed find: "After passing the shady willow trees, there will be bright flowers and a new village ahead." (from "People with Great Inborn Quality" in Lecture Nine of Zhuan Falun) When that happens, we have thought very clearly on the Fa, which put us on the right track for the Fa and to send out Gong to the right target. We have very little left to do to complete our intentions.

In hindsight, I have encountered many situations that have proved this understanding to be correct. At other times I have become deluded by the tangible aspects of the problem, and have resorted to interpersonal skills to solve the problem. It was very similar to a story that Teacher told in Zhuan Falun about a practitioner with poor enlightenment quality regarding the understanding of illness. "We had a student who had broken a few needles at the hospital. In the end, the liquid medicine was ejected out, and the syringe needle also could not inject. He came to understand: Oh, I am a practitioner, and I should not take an injection. He just realized that he should not have had injections." (from "Your Mind Must Be Right" in Lecture Six of Zhuan Falun) It was also very similar to another story that Teacher told in Zhuan Falun about a person with everyday people's mentality about an illness. "If a doctor of the Western medicine could not cure him, he would go to see a doctor of Chinese medicine. If the doctor of Chinese medicine could not cure him either, nor could any special prescriptions work. At this point, he would think of qigong, pondering, I will go there and try my luck and see if qigong could heal my illness or not." (From "Cultivation Insanity" in Lecture Six of Zhuan Falun.) I must ask myself: Have I made a big detour or have I lowered myself to the level of everyday people with the way I think or work?

Let us strive to overcome our shortcomings, purify our thoughts, and eradicate our notions in order to stop barricading the work of our divine side. In all the realms imaginable, including every cosmos, every heavenly body, every layer of the universe, and all other type of time-space there is, let us complete the trial against the evil old forces, the trial against all evil lives, the trial against all evil rotten demons, the trial against the old forces' puppets and accomplices, and the trial against Jiang Zemin. Let us work as one powerful entity through mutual cooperation.

Many fellow practitioners have offered their suggestions on Dafa practitioners' web sites. These suggestions are all very important. It is through the tangible process and the actuation that we continue to reinforce the energy field of the trial throughout the universe - from top to bottom; in all layers; in all time-space dimensions. We shall eradicate all evil elements and put an end to the participation of the evil forces in the Fa-rectification, and end the persecution against Dafa practitioners and sentient beings.

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