Cultivate Our Speech and Actions, Leaving No Loophole for the Evil to Exploit

An Overseas Chinese Dafa Pract

PureInsight | December 1, 2003

[] One day, another Dafa practitioner and I drove past a tall wall. Strangely, this tall wall reminded me of a prison, although it did not belong to a prison. Suddenly these words, "XX prison" slipped out of my mouth. Hearing my words, the other practitioner shared a story and said, "The moral of the story is: Whatever is on your mind will come out of your mouth."

His hint enabled me to discover my problem. Just this one sentence revealed a loophole in my mind. As a Fa-rectification period Dafa disciple I had failed to utilize my capability to help with Fa-rectification. I have been protecting my attachments. What is even worse is that I haven't completely denied the old forces because of the fear of the horrific persecution that has been imprinted in my mind. Because of my fear of the persecution I failed to deny the old forces completely. Even my spur-of-the-moment outburst had manifested my problem.

Shortly afterwards, I had an additional cultivation experience exchange with a different practitioner while we drove to a location. While we shared our recent cultivation states I suddenly said, "It seems easy to accomplish certain things in a peaceful environment such as the one we are in, but it's a completely different story in China. If you were to be placed in China, I wonder how well you will do." Following that thought, he joked that he might be forced to yield to the evildoers if he were in China. His speech shocked me and reminded me of the hint that the first practitioner gave me. That was when I realized the severity of my problem. No matter how much Dafa-validation work a practitioner may have done, or how diligent a Dafa practitioner may appear to others in cultivation, it is his mind that reflects his true cultivation state. Even the most casual comment is a reflection of one's mind, and I think we will be held responsible, even for our careless speech.

That day, right before we arrived at our destination, our car broke down. We tried everything, but still could not shift gears. Whenever we tried to shift gears, a scary, loud noise came from the gearbox. I took it as an indication of our xinxing [heart and mind nature] being in jeopardy. We did not completely believe in Falun Dafa, and we somehow agreed to the evil's persecution. I realized that I should never have asked him if he would have behaved differently if he were in China. My question revealed my consenting to the old forces. It also revealed that I consented to the persecution against my fellow practitioners in China, and that I did not have any faith in my fellow practitioners. It was a reflection of my submissive attitude towards the persecution.

These two episodes enabled me to see a fundamental problem in myself: I did not have a steadfast belief in Dafa, and it was revealed even by what I said on the spur-of-the-moment. I did not rigorously cultivate each and every one of my thoughts. I did not discipline my speaking and actions based on the strict standard of Dafa. Since I have identified the root cause, I concentrated on eliminating these degenerate matters that I had protected. I have also been studying the Fa more intensively and removing my incorrect ideas.

Nourishment helps growth. In this case, giving my consent to the old forces helped the old forces thrive. I realized that the residual evil could thrive in those dimensions where Dafa practitioners' remaining attachments lie. Even our casual words and actions that fail to comply with the standard of a Dafa practitioner will nourish the evil and provide it soil to grow. If all of us can eliminate our fundamental attachments in our daily cultivation practice; if all of us can give up our human concepts at all times; if all of us can understand the Fa from the Fa; if all of us can validate the Fa with righteous thoughts and actions; if all of us will correct each of our thoughts and actions and discipline our thoughts and actions according to the Fa, then evil will cease to exist.

The Fa needs to govern all of our thoughts and actions. Nothing else should govern our personal preferences or our remaining human concepts. We must not overlook any of our impure thoughts or actions. As soon as we find an attachment, we must nip it in the bud, leaving the residual evil no place to thrive. We must walk our road of cultivation well.

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