Stepping Away from Humanness

PureInsight | February 23, 2004

[] Today we have our studies, jobs and lives. Each of us interacts with the society and has our own environment. These things are also manifestations of the Fa in the human world and will be a reference for the future. When this period of time ends, we will leave behind our footprints. Who we were and what role we played in history does not matter. Therefore every practitioner should step away from humanness. "Step away from humanness" does not mean we give up our studies, our jobs and our families. It is that we need to make our hearts step away from humanness. We should give up our human logic and notions that have been formed over thousands of years. We are Dafa disciples, and that is not a title of ordinary people. At any time and under any circumstances, we need to step out of our senses of self and put the Fa as our first priority. We should base our thinking on the standpoint of the Fa and make each decision based on what is best for the Fa.

We should not fall into human sentimentality and should not be attached to dealing with specific things. Dafa has endowed us with infinite wisdom and power, and we are given so many ways to solve any problem. The key point is whether we hold onto our own stupid notions or we believe in the Fa when we face tests. Do we really believe in the Fa firmly? When we hold onto our senses of self, it seems that we cannot change anything. When we believe in the Fa firmly, everything can be changed.

We Dafa practitioners have our own responsibilities and missions. We do not simply live out our human lives, nor is our cultivation ordinary. Bygones are bygones. Let us change ourselves fundamentally. Let us be rational and clearheaded and choose our own bright futures.

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