Thoughts on the Attachment of Jealousy

A London Practitioner

PureInsight | February 23, 2004

[] Jealousy arises when one is subconsciously reminded of those things that a person thinks his or her life lacks. Why do we dislike that person? It's nothing to do with him or her. Why does this person have to take the blame for our life not being to our liking, our not feeling gratitude or appreciation? It is not their fault yet they have to bear the burden of our dislike and projection due to our selfish self-interest and desire for self gain. Jealousy comes about when we do not cherish our uniqueness and appreciate our own unique gifts that no one else has in quite the same way we do. Jealousy comes about when we refuse to accept the truth that we all have life situations reflecting our past life karma, unique to us. Therefore our situations will have some things lacking. We should be grateful for this situation we find ourselves in because we are paying off karma. Furthermore, Master tells us there are no role models in cultivation, and yet we compare up to them all the time, as if we could know another person's past lives and the good or bad deeds they have committed, or even our own. We do not know this person's gains and losses as we think we do. We have only seen the surface of who they are. We have not seen their past lives. We have only seen one life of theirs. Who is to say we deserve any material gains and benefits? We may have committed such bad deeds that we don't deserve many gains.

Every time jealousy arises we should look at ourselves and remind ourselves of what we do have and show gratitude for this by not being jealous of someone.

Every time jealousy arises we should look at what our life lacks and accept this lack in our lives, trusting in the universe that this lack relates directly to our past life karma which, in being endured, is helping us to be free of bad karma.

That lack can be interpreted as a loss. No loss, no gain.

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