Following Teacher on the Path of Fa-Rectification

A Practitioner from Seattle

PureInsight | March 22, 2004

[] In the "Fa-Lecture During the 2003 Lantern Festival at the U.S. West Fa Conference," Teacher said:

"Everything I've been doing during the Fa-rectification and everything I want, to spell it out, are the choice of the future cosmos and the needs of the future cosmos."

We have also made our choices, that is, we chose to follow Teacher to come down here to assist in the rectification of the Fa. We established karmic relationships with Teacher and made grand pledges, and now it is time for us to fulfill those vows. Following Teacher in the Fa-rectification is the responsibility bestowed on us by history. Teacher also pointed out in "Teaching the Fa at the Discussion on Creating Fine Art," "You've followed me here to save sentient beings." Each one of us is a particle of the entire body of Dafa disciples and saving sentient beings is a grand task for us. Our foundation should be based on saving sentient beings and validating the Fa through cultivation during Fa-rectification so that we can fulfill our vows.

I obtained the Fa in 1997. The very first time I read Zhuan Falun, it took me two days, after which I immediately I obtained a Falun. Shortly after this, my body went through marked changes: my facial complexion was rosy and smooth and my body was full of energy and felt as light as a feather. I was really amazed. At the same time, I also witnessed and heard about many other practitioners' miraculous phenomena. Many had suffered from terminal illnesses, or illnesses that were hard to diagnose and hard to cure; yet they miraculously recovered and became healthy again. These are all mysteries that cannot be explained by modern science. People find these amazing phenomena beyond belief. Every day, there were more and more people beginning to practice. I also brought the wonder of Falun Dafa to my family: my two daughters and my grandson all obtained Dafa. My friends also obtained Dafa after I introduced Dafa to them.

After the April 25th and July 20th incidents, I became fully dedicated to overseas rescue efforts. From then on, my destiny was closely linked with Dafa. I was deeply concerned about the propaganda and persecution imposed upon Dafa and Teacher and stepped into the grand current of Fa-rectification. Because of my language barrier, I felt that I could not do the many things that I wanted to do, but I started by going out to distribute truth-clarifying materials and deliver newspapers from door to door. I also sent letters, made phone calls, and sent faxes to China. I clarified the truth to the Chinese people in mainland China by making phone calls and faxes, in accordance with the progress of the Fa-rectification as reported on the Minghui website. Using these methods, I continuously sent information to China and other countries regarding the spread of Dafa overseas, Jiang's evil deeds, as well as the lawsuit against Jiang. As long as they were significant events related to Dafa, no matter where they occurred, I always tried my best to inform people through letters or faxes. Everyday, I made sure to do the three things well, as instructed by Teacher. Day in and day out, I did truth-clarification work while sending righteous thoughts. I spent four to five hours every day sending faxes. I have sent more than 10,000 faxes and phone calls. I have written letters to Bill Clinton, the former American president, and to George Bush, the current president, the First Lady, as well as to senators and house representatives. I have also written letters to Chinese government leaders including Hu Jintao, Wen Jiabao and Zhu Rongji. I sent letters to Qinhua University, where Falun Gong was severely persecuted. I sent letters and faxes to those who committed evil deeds in the police stations. I faxed letters to overseas Chinese consulates as well as to the foreign embassies in China.

While clarifying the truth, I encountered all kinds of people who all had various reactions. There were those who listened, those who refused to listen, those who yelled at me, and even some who wanted to track me down or murder me– a full range of people. One time on a phone call to Guangdong province, when I told the person on the line that I was calling from overseas, he said abruptly to me, "I don't know you!" I immediately answered, "But I know you, since we are all descendants of the Yellow Emperor and we are from the same family. Although I reside abroad, my roots are still in China. The ups and downs of our motherland touch my heart. Jiang XX lied to you all, but I shall not lie to you. I really want to clarify the truth to all the people in our motherland." I then clarified the truth to him from several angles. He listened the entire time that I spoke. Others have said: "After hearing what you told me, I almost want to cry…."

When I tried calling a work unit in the Northeast that committed evil deeds, I had to call three times before someone picked up the phone. I persisted and finally someone picked up the phone. I told him, "I am also a Northeasterner, so we are kinfolk. From overseas, I saw your name on a list of evildoers, and I felt very bad for you. It was Jiang XX who pushed you to the extreme where you have committed crimes. The consequences for your bad deeds are beyond your imagination. Please kindly turn on your fax machine and let me send you a letter." He actually did turn on his fax machine and I was able to send a letter to him.

Another time, I was trying to send a fax to Beijing, but the person on the other end refused to turn on his fax machine. I took this as an opportunity to call him and talk to him directly. When I told him that we are saddened by the daily news that over a thousand practitioners have been tortured to death in China while Jiang XX lies to the people and blocks the voices of the righteous international community that speaks out against the persecution, I started to weep. He immediately said: "I will turn on the fax machine."

There are also many people who think that the persecution of Falun Gong does not pertain to them. Some have said: "I have no choice since I need to take care of my family." In clarifying the truth, I pay attention to different audiences and use different ways to remind them to have kind thoughts, and let them understand that the evil persecution has devastating consequences for all of China and its people; therefore it does pertain to everyone. I also told them about the principle of karmic retribution, that kindness would be rewarded while evil would be punished. When I encounter those who personally committed evil deeds, I tell them very directly about the severe consequence of violating the law and assisting the evil.

I also often make some special notes, or comments, or add additional information to the truth-clarifying materials to make a bigger impact. Shanghai is where Jiang XX and his family resided and Heilongjiang and Jilin are cities where severe persecution of Falun Gong occurs, so I focused more on sending truth-clarifying materials to those places.

All of the things that I have mentioned above were carried out with the harmonious collaboration of practitioners in the Seattle area, as well as with the whole body of Dafa practitioners.

In the beginning, my personal understanding of the Fa-rectification was not very good and my Fa study was not done in depth enough. I was inexperienced and I also often looked at issues with human sentimentality; my heart was not pure and calm enough. So when I ran into problems, I was easily moved. In the very beginning, I was very nervous and agitated when I heard people yelling at me. However, I knew that I should not blow up at them. Teacher has taught us to be forgiving and not retaliate when we are attacked. I tried to control my emotions, but my heart was not at peace. I was very sad whenever I read the news of practitioners tortured to death. I cried until my face was covered with tears. At the same time my heart was filled with hatred towards Jiang XX and wished him a thousand deaths.

Inspired by my sincere faith towards Teacher and wrath towards Jiang XX, I was intent on sending more truth-clarifying materials to China so that more people in Mainland China could wake up and see Jiang's true nature as well as the disasters he has brought to our country and our people. I wished to end the persecution as quickly as possible so that we could reduce the losses to Dafa and reduce the sacrifices our fellow cultivators have to make.

At one point I even placed hope on having ordinary people end the persecution, and felt that the United Nations was useless and that Annan was irresponsible. I expected Hu Jintao and Zhu Rongji to do certain things. Because of these attachments and because my heart was not pure, interference arose. Through studying the Fa and sending righteous thoughts, I was able to look within better. I constantly use Fa to measure, compare and examine myself. I continuously study Zhuan Falun and Essentials For Further Advancement as well as the more recent Fa lectures. I realize that every sentence Teacher says, every single Fa principle Teacher has taught, are all truths for disciples to practice forever. Our studying the Fa well is the only way to guarantee our improvement. As long as we can melt into the Fa, as long as our mind and heart are righteous, the external environment will change. It's just like what Teacher said: "If you are not afraid, the factor that would make you afraid will cease to exist." (From "Eliminate Your Last Attachments" in Essentials For Further Advancement II) As Fa-rectification forges ahead, my understanding also deepens and I am able to correct the deviations of all of my thoughts.

Every thing a cultivator experiences is part of the process of cultivation and contains what needs to be cultivated away. As long as there is still a little bit of deviation in one's thought, conflicts will arise. I realize more and more that cultivation is very serious. Cultivation is difficult; to be able to cultivate upward to reach Consummation is even more difficult. Only with a pure state of heart and mind can the special power of the Buddha Fa manifest. One thought can lead to the difference between heaven and earth. So we must begin with every thought and do the three things well. We must integrate fulfilling our vow into all of our actions.

The second part of my talk is entitled "Passing the Trials of Sickness Karma With Righteous Faith Towards Dafa and Teacher."

During the first several years of my cultivation, I had very few reactions from karma elimination, but then right before the Washington, D.C. Fa Conference in July 2001, I suddenly experienced abdominal pains and had black urine. My son told me that this is called "Soy Sauce Urine." I had never seen nor heard of this phenomenon. But I believed that this is the process of eliminating karma and purifying my body. I did not pay attention to it and attended the Fa conference. After I returned, it got worse. I started to pass large amounts of blood in my urine. It looked quite disturbing and lasted for several months, occasionally accompanied with nausea and abdominal pain. Even then I did not take it as anything serious, since I remembered that Teacher told us that we cultivators do not have illnesses. I still went out with other cultivators to distribute truth-clarifying materials, no matter what the weather.

I jut maintained one thought: I am not sick. I did not tell family members, but my son is a doctor and he found out. He wanted to take me to the hospital to do CT testing. If I did not go, then he would surely say that Falun Dafa forbids seeing doctors and does not respect Science, so I replied, "I will go." The CT test revealed that kidney stones had blocked a passageway. My son insisted that I immediately undergo an operation to have them removed. I told him: " I practice Falun Dafa. People who have had cancer have been cured by the practice; I do not believe that this stone won't pass. Give me three months. If after this time it does not pass, then it still will not be too late to do the operation." The doctor then gave me a little screen to use to examine my urine every day. I asked myself if this wasn't a pursuit. So I decided not to use it. Everyday I was diligent in Fa study, practice and sending righteous thoughts. Three months later, when I went in for a re-examination, I started to send righteous thoughts as soon as I was subjected to the CT test. I thought: "I am not sick; I believe in Teacher and I believe in Dafa; eliminate evil interference; I want to have a normal test result to validate Dafa." The test result showed that there absolutely were no more stones. However, the black urine still persisted. This time my son wondered whether I had a tumor in my bladder. He took me in to test my bladder. I still held onto the thought of not having disease. The test result was very good. Since then, my son no longer drags me in to see doctors. The blood in the urine also gradually disappeared. I used righteous thoughts to walk through the trial of sickness karma and validated Dafa's miraculous power and validated the Fa teaching of "However strong the righteous thoughts are, that's how great the power is." (From "Also In a Few Words" in Essentials For Further Advancement II)

Throughout the 5,000 years of the history of Chinese civilization, mankind has compiled many writings on medicine and there have been countless accomplished medical doctors. Has anyone ever been able to allow over 100 million people's bodies to be completely purified and reach a disease-free state? No. But Teacher has accomplished this. The book Zhuan Falun describes the profound law of the universe, with an inner meaning far surpassing all theories of ordinary people, ancient and modern. Its profundity cannot be matched by modern science. Falun Dafa is True Science and it transcends the ordinary. Falun Dafa is the great Buddha Fa manifesting again in the human world.

Fa-rectification has now reached the final stage of the final stage. I must treasure every minute to save sentient beings and follow Teacher closely in the Fa-rectification process. I will strive to be worthy of Teacher's compassionate and painstaking salvation, and not miss this precious opportunity of ten thousand years and follow teacher to return to my true home.

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