Walking Our Paths Righteously

A Falun Dafa Practitioner in C

PureInsight | April 5, 2004

[PureInsight.org] I had a dream the night before yesterday. In the dream, I kept running forward, but the path was very narrow. The road was very long, and extended to the horizon. I kept cautioning myself while running, "Be sure not to step off the road…" After I woke up, I realized this was a hint from Teacher that, at the final segment of my cultivation practice in the Fa-rectification period, I must walk my path righteously.

I shared the experience with fellow practitioners in my area. The dream reminded them of two kinds of practitioners who might need to rectify their shortcomings without delay.

The first group is a small number of Dafa practitioners who still have not stepped forward to help end the persecution against Falun Dafa, and stay home studying the Fa and practicing the Falun Gong exercises. They have also read Teacher's latest Fa lectures, but they are reluctant to put any effort in validating the Fa and saving living beings. When you tell them that validating the Fa and saving living beings are the responsibilities of Fa-rectification period Dafa practitioners, they agree but still cannot step forward. We imagine the reason might be that they cannot let go of the tangible benefits in the secular world, and are attached to various things.

Teacher said:

These people who only want to take from Dafa and not give for Dafa are, in the eyes of Gods, the worst beings. Moreover, this Fa is what's fundamental in the cosmos, so those people who are still unable to step forward today will be weeded out after this tribulation is over.

(From "A Suggestion" in Essentials for Further Advancement II)

As their fellow practitioners, we should help them improve their understanding of the Fa in this regard so that they can realize that if they fail to clarify the truth about the persecution, sentient beings will miss their chance to learn the facts of Falun Dafa.

The second group of practitioners who need to rectify their behaviors immediately have the following characteristics. They have actively stepped forward to validate the Fa and save living beings, but they sometimes have neglected Fa study as well as their personal cultivation. Consequently, they have unconsciously developed an attachment to doing things. They think that validating the Fa is equal to cultivation practice, and measure their xinxing (mind nature) based on the amount of Fa-validation work they do. When they are not occupied with helping with Fa-rectification work, these practitioners behave like everyday people. For instance, they hold lavish wedding banquets and receive cash from their guests as wedding presents just like ordinary people do. Or they would send gifts to an influential person from the upper stratum of the society and ask them to help to get their kids into a prestigious school. Because these practitioners do Dafa work like everyday people's volunteer work, they are more vulnerable to the exploitation of the evil from other dimensions. There are too many costly lessons. I sincerely and humbly suggest these practitioners to take time to study the Fa well with calm minds, especially Teacher's lectures since the Lantern Festival in 2003. I would also like to remind all fellow practitioners and myself to conscientiously cultivate ourselves while validating the Fa, so as to constantly improve the quality of our truth-clarification work.

In my humble opinion, the aforementioned phenomena are both signs of deviating from the path of Fa-rectification, and should be rectified promptly. As Fa-rectification period Dafa practitioners, we should step forward to validate the Fa and help save all beings, otherwise how can we be worthy of the honorable title of "Fa-rectification period Dafa disciples?" On the other hand, while validating the Fa, we must give top priority to studying the Fa and searching inward in our personal cultivation practice. This is so that we can walk every step righteously, and fulfill our sacred pre-historic vows with our righteous thoughts and righteous actions.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2003/11/22/24613.html

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