Regarding the Interference by the Evil During Fa-rectification Activities

Wen Hua

PureInsight | April 12, 2004

[] On March 15, 2004, I went to the airport early in the morning to catch the first flight to Geneva to participate in a parade that practitioners were holding in Geneva that day. At check-in, we were told that due to a report to the police of possible terrorism on that flight, the plane must be thoroughly inspected. We began to send forth righteous thoughts. After an hour, the flight was still on the ground. In the end, the flight was delayed for more than three hours from the original departure schedule.

As soon as it first took place, we began to examine ourselves. Why were there no problems with the other flights? Why did only our flight to Geneva get a bomb threat reported to the police? Why was it that on every occasion there was a human rights conference, there would be terrorist threats to divert the peoples' attention? Previously, it was the Iraq War and more recently it was the train explosions in Spain. The evil of the old forces have utilized these disturbances to distract the attention of people away from the persecution of Dafa. Therefore, we sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate those evils manipulating all these actions in the background.

In the past, our thoughts would stop right here. The activities of the terrorists seemed to be very far away from Dafa practitioners. People have the tendency to feel indifferent toward things that do not seem to have anything to do with them. At the same time, I had not recognized the interference that terrorism has brought upon Fa-rectification and I had not taken the initiative to eliminate the acts of terror. Instead, I had adopted an indifferent and laissez-faire attitude. As we sat at the airport and waited for the terrorist threat to clear, initially I felt we had no choice but to sit and wait. But then it suddenly dawned on me that as a Dafa practitioner, my former indifferent attitude, my being apathetic towards terrorist activities, was, to say the least, letting the evil have its way. Why not work along both fronts, from the human world and in the other dimensions, to simultaneously eliminate the damage being done by the evil? Why were we not taking the initiative to annihilate such evil things?

Mind and matter have the same properties. As we steadfastly deny in our minds the activities of the evil, our immense energy and all the life forms are actually eliminating them.

Especially after I had studied Master's new Jingwen "Eliminate the Dark Minions With Righteous Thoughts," I recognized where I had gone wrong. In June 2003, at the Chicago Fa Conference, Master set forth this requirement:

What I just told you is very important. From now on when we send righteous thoughts, the most important thing is targeting them and the remaining rotten spirits that disrupt the Fa. Of course, just keep sending righteous thoughts like you did before. Now that I've talked about it, you know about it, and having a clear objective when you send righteous thoughts will do. There's no need to think about things that are too specific. Have this objective in mind: Completely end the old forces' involvement.

(From: "Teaching the Fa at the 2003 Midwest-U.S. Fa Conference")

At that time, I thought that when we sent righteous thoughts we were to eliminate all the evil that was damaging Dafa. To me, this would have included all the dark minions amongst the old forces. So when sending righteous thoughts, I had not done what Master required us to do, that is, to directly target our thoughts at the dark minions and completely annihilate them. As I read this new article of Master's, I realized that I had not conformed to the requirements Master first laid out ten months ago. Perhaps for that reason Master issued another article to correct us. From that incident, I realized the manner in which we direct our thoughts is extremely crucial.

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