Treasured Memories in Geneva

Ye Ming

PureInsight | April 26, 2004


1. "Master Gave Me a Bottle of Water"

On March 15, 2004, hundreds of Falun Gong practitioners from all over the world gathered at the Places des Nations in front of the United Nations building to peacefully appeal [for the immediate end of persecution against Falun Dafa]. For a Dafa practitioner named Lisa from Sydney, Australia, this was the third time that she had come to Geneva [during the annual session of the United Nation's Commission on Human Rights, held between March and April of each year.] After finishing her lunch box, Lisa was very thirsty, perhaps because the food was too salty. So during the recess between activities, she went to other practitioners asking for water. Unfortunately, everyone she asked had already finished his/her water, leaving Lisa disappointed. The thirst was almost intolerable, but she still did not want to travel far to buy water and risk missing the next opportunity to send forth righteous thoughts with fellow practitioners. "There is nothing I can do. I'll just endure the thirst," Lisa thought.

At this moment the music for sending forth righteous thoughts started. Lisa quickly returned to her meditation cushion, sat down, conjoined her hands (jieyin), then shortly afterwards held her right hand vertically in front of her chest and began sending righteous thoughts (SFRT). When she finished a round of SFRT 15 minutes later and opened her eyes, a bottle of water lay right in front of her. She was so excited that she almost burst into tears. "Teacher knew I was thirsty, so he gave me a bottle of water. It is true! Teacher is always beside me," Lisa said to me excitedly.

2. A Wish Come True

The truth-clarification flyers we distributed in Geneva were printed on yellow paper, titled "Jiang Zemin Is Allergic to the Color Yellow." Jiang always associates the color yellow with Falun Gong. While he hates and fears Falun Gong, he is powerless before Falun Gong. So the only alterative he could think of is to vent his anger towards the color yellow. This is why Jiang Zemin did such a foolish thing as goading French and German police into arresting anyone wearing yellow clothes or accessories anywhere near Hu Jintao and himself during their tours to these two countries.

A fellow practitioner suggested that we should all wear yellow clothes and yellow scarves, and parade on the streets of Geneva. Although in this space-time dimension they may appear to be ordinary yellow clothes and scarves, I believe that, in other time-space dimensions, they are bullets shooting directly at the head of Jiang Zemin's counterparts in other dimensions.

Once I heard the practitioner's suggestion, I became anxious because I did not bring any yellow outfit or scarf with me. So I thought to myself, "I have to go find a yellow outfit or scarf quickly. One more piece of yellow clothing or accessory is one more ounce of power."

Right after this thought flashed across my mind, I saw a fellow practitioner from Italy talking to another practitioner. I hurried over to say hi to her. Then I noticed she was carrying a large paper bag, containing many yellow scarves. "You have so many yellow scarves!" I exclaimed.

"But I can't give one to you because these have all been reserved by other practitioners," she replied in a semi-joking manner. But she immediately added, "In all seriousness, I can give you one."

"It's okay. I can't take it since it is for someone else." I said.

"Here, have one." Then she stuffed a yellow scarf in my hands. As if I had obtained a piece of treasure, I beamed very happily while my heart was filled with gratitude for Teacher and fellow practitioners.

During those few days in Geneva, I wore that yellow scarf wherever I went. I regarded it as a weapon shooting directly at the head of Jiang Zemin's counterparts in other dimensions.

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