Inner Strength

A Veteran Western Dafa Practit

PureInsight | May 10, 2004

[] One of my dictionaries defines inner strength as "power to resist stress; steadfastness in adversity." Another dictionary adds, "the mental state of being strong and resilient in the face of trials." During these present days of turmoil, during this period of rampant persecution and strife, during this period of weighing, evaluating, judging, calculating, fathoming and wondering, we must call on our inner strengths. True Dafa practitioners have an abundance of inner strength, an ability endowed them by the wise teachings in Zhuan Falun and by their practice of Truth, Compassion and Tolerance. The more we delve into these awe-inspiring teachings, the greater our inner strengths will become.

Whenever a cultivation practice that differs from the status quo has appeared throughout our long human history, negative influences have come on the scene and wreaked havoc. What has prevailed and triumphed were not minor and major physical battles, fought with tremendous loss of life and loss of people's morals and cultures, but what prevailed was true victory and nobility inside people's minds, their altruistic attitudes and changes of heart, their resiliency and a willingness to "send those trouble-making thoughts into perdition."

It is extremely difficult in times of stress to keep one's thinking straight, keep it focused on the goal. This is applicable whether one is dealing with difficult neighbors, one is a parent who must deal with obstreperous children, or one is a teacher who faces an unruly classroom full of antsy students. It pertains to spouses who have opposing views during major decision-making discussions. It even concerns interactions among practitioners. We must not prevent a closed mind and absence of rational thought from barricading the emergence of our inner strengths.

Going within to gather mental strength is NOT taking flight from our problems, but by doing so we listen to those thoughts that filter down from the heavens. To listen, we must be still.

We need balance and have to call our inner strengths to the fore to keep balance and perspective, particularly now when the whole world seems to be coming apart at the seams. The potential of our inner strength and the potential for serenity in each of us is unimaginably full of wonder. With such strength we can find inner peace. We need to tap into it often, so that we can properly deal with the battles and skirmishes that face us during decisions in our work for Dafa and on our cultivation paths.

Master won't desert us! Any of us, no matter what our level might be has the incredible, Dafa-endowed power to send noble thoughts and has been sanctioned to utter an occasional petition, to have our inner strengths reinforced, so that we might persevere until that predestined day that is meant for us. By mustering our inner strengths there is nothing we cannot overcome! With Master's guidance, our inner strengths will prevail and lead us to fulfillment.

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