Falun Gong Practitioners' Artwork: "A Goddess in the Emerald Paradise" and "Children of Jade in Mystery"

PureInsight | July 11, 2005


Sketch "A Goddess in the Emerald Paradise" by Zhong De

Sketch "Children of Jade in Mystery" by Zhong De

The artist who drew the two sketches above is a Chinese Falun Gong practitioner incarcerated in a prison in China. He did not have access to any professional painting tools in prison. But he still managed to create a total of 70 pieces of artwork. After overcoming myriads of dangers and challenges, he managed to smuggle 36 of them out of China. Only a portion of his artworks arrived safely in the final destination in the United States. The rest were either lost or damaged.

Despite the lack of professional tools, the artist created the artworks according to traditional Chinese techniques to express his inner feelings during the illegal incarceration and torture. The peacefulness and ethereal quality in his artworks reflect the artist's inner peace and his steadfast spiritual belief despite the fact he was facing cruel torture and enormous threats to dignity and life.

We regret to inform the readers that the artist's current whereabouts are unknown. Please pray for the safety and well being of this admirable artist.

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