Brushing Off the Sealed Dust Series III: Walking Alone in Space and Time

Xiao Lian

PureInsight | March 19, 2006

[] Introduction:
recently I went to attend the wedding of a relative and saw many
relatives there. I did not recognize many of them even though it had
only been just a few years since we last saw one another. Some
relatives are suffering from serious illnesses and look completely
different. Some of them are in terrible states because of family
matters.  At least one relative committed suicide by hanging
himself. The world around us is ever changing and people always have a
lot of worries. When I explained about Dafa to them, some did not
believe me, and some were superficially polite. But some did accept
Dafa and even became Dafa practitioners.

A human can only live about one hundred years. During his lifetime, he
might witness major historical events. People always like to talk about
such things. Some people even write it down for later generations. The
space and time covered by the wisdom of human beings are so limited. In
addition, because of personal human notions, many understandings that
are complete distortions of the truth have been passed down for
generations, through hundreds of years. Such phenomena are examples of
the human race's low intelligence and ignorance. There are even people
who "can not recognize the forest because their eyes have been covered
by leaves." They are very stubborn and think that human beings are the
beings that have the most wisdom and abilities." That is very laughable
from a cultivator's point of view.  When I saw the relatives who
appeared decades older in just a few short years, I felt that the time
passes swiftly, like running water.

If a person who is 100 years old happens to see a toy that he had
played with when he was a child, he must be very excited. One day when
I was walking on a small road, I happened to see a piece of rock. It
was lying not too far way from me, and I realized that it was from the
upper level world that I had come from. Tears ran down my face. Many
memories were come to me. Therefore I've decide to write down my
feelings on the subject.

Perhaps the gold and silver jewelry on our hands as well as other
things we use were once seen or used by us as we incarnated into lower
levels during our previous lives. They were from entities that had
disintegrated during multiple universal explorations. Later on, the
gods brought those things to earth to enrich resources for humans. In
fact, they were used to lay the base for spreading Dafa. In addition,
Dafa disciples are beings who can return back to the upper level world
in their entirety. Therefore, the things they've used will also be
returned back to the upper level world along with them. It is also the
kind of process of lifting up and making improvement. Let me give you
another example. The famous Hetian Jade from Hetian, Xinjang Province
came from many altars at one level of the upper world. Later on, that
level was disintegrated. So the altars were scattered into the human
world and become the very famous jade (or you can say that gods brought
them down to the human world on purpose.). I had seen those stones when
I was at the upper level world many times. I also had seen them during
my various incarnations (which I had mentioned in my earlier articles).

All things on earth are living beings. When we lift the veil around us
gradually, we will have the feeling of "walking alone in a large space
and time". Everyone has his own level and realm. Therefore, regarding
the same issue, each person has his own understanding. Let's cherish
each thing that we come cross no matter which form it is in. It is very
possible that those things have gone through extreme hardships to gain
the chance of being with us. Let's always have a compassionate heart to
offer salvation to everything.

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