Bloodstained Sujiatun

An Australian Practitioner

PureInsight | April 9, 2006



A room shining dark

hearts brutal and stark

where a harvest of organs removed

With bloodstained hands

death and profit in demand

and means to all ends approved.

Where evil pales

every crime and travail

and the world turns another blind eye

Finding courage from fear

Sujiatun's end drawing near

no more the loss of innocent lives.


How long must they suffer

in your silence

how long must the innocent

be subjected to your violence?

Your darkest crimes

once out of sight

now revealed to the world

the truth coming to light.

How long can you hide

behind closed doors

how long can you lie

before justice calls?

Countless lives lost

under bloodstained hands

until your atrocities condemned

in every heart and land.

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