True Sight

Court Reinland

PureInsight | May 7, 2006


Like a spring flower from

The ashes of mid-winter night's rose

Arise kindly sir-madame

From the slumber of your once great repose

Collect thine adornments

From where they lay scattered about

Find the strength as one wandering

On again finding one's route

For the fell of your night-sleep

Has laden heavy your eyes

Pray that one shall again

Find the strength to arise

For the world is like unto a finely dyed cloth,

So finely wrapped its entrapment -

And so hard to take off

Aye but again the moth shall consume,

And what's been laid up be made waste

For petty indeed are those material things that you chase

If given warm food,

Does not a beggar then eat?

Then would not he be a fool who looks over,

What has all but been laid at his feet?

How can be great a life so pitifully lost,

Fearing ones own shadow and grasping at straws

Find in your heart, that compassionate breadth

Which it once well possessed

And which is - still alive in its depths

For a soul is not like those fanciful things,

Nay it endures caring not - what the winter shall bring

If only one grasp it and lifteth it up,

A brilliance so bright!

Like the watchman awaking

 From his slumber at night

Aye what great light!

True sight! True sight!

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