A Canadian Practitioner

PureInsight | March 18, 2007


Out of the Mud

Deep within a murky creek

A tiny seed awakens from sleep

The nourishment that it awaits

Determines its chance to germinate

Out of the mud the seedling sprouts

Shooting up without a doubt

Above the water a blossom unfolds

With amazing beauty to behold

Innocent children born within corruption

The fog of humanity molds their destruction

But, the universe provides what one will need

For all who wish for goodness to seed

The Great Law, Falun Dafa Cultivation Way

Can guide one back day by day

With the nourishment of wisdom one will find

Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance will bind

The strength of morality and virtue will grow

Deep within one's mind and heart will know

The selfless change that one will face

Frees one's being to a peaceful place

Out of the mud, one will sprout

Shooting up without a doubt

Above corruption a blossom unfolds

Like a lotus flower, amazing beauty to behold

[Author's notes:  "Out of the Mud" describes the contrast between
trusting and doubting the universe, i.e., the way of the world before
and after reaching for truth.

The Ultimate Goal

City light dazzles the eyes of man

But the spell of corruption has an iron hand

It blocks the truth and holds one down

Till chaos and confusion is only found

Children are born innocent and pure

Have no way out of the lure

Generations of greed, jealousy and pain

Create a state of living in vain

The universal law holds the key

The door is open for all to see

A thread of hope can guide ones stay

For those who wish to improve their way

Choose each stepping-stone with care

For every action the soul will wear

Return to the core of ones true self

Truth, compassion, tolerance is true wealth

1992, a precious teaching was revealed

The great universal law, Falun Dafa is real

Truth can arouse the deepest of souls

Return to ones true self is the ultimate goal

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