First National Tour of Fa-Validation Photo Exhibit in New Zealand

A New Zealand Dafa Practitioner

PureInsight | May 30, 2006

[] Very sincere
thanks to our Master, who arranged and enabled the tour of these
wonderful Fa-validation photos over the whole of New Zealand. Since
last October the exhibit has been displayed in some 70 locations in
various cities and towns on both islands. People from more remote areas
also had the opportunity to learn about the wonders of  Dafa,
whilst Gods, Buddhas and Taos behind these wonderful photos cleansed
the country.

During this final 12-day national tour, at least on two occasions, our
van stopped just right outside the venues for the Exhibit without any
prior knowledge. The minute we lost our way, our mobile phone rang and
we received directions from people waiting for us. It is miraculous
that we were able to move from one sun shining town to another for nine
days in a row during the wet winter season. Both the days before and
after the Exhibit experienced very heavy downpours of rain.

The viewers were all shocked to learn of "Organ Harvesting" in China
and enlightened by "Quitting CCP," in addition to Falun Gong. 
Tears burst out of their eyes when they saw the photos whilst many were
simply speechless.  Saddened by these atrocities, they however
were grateful to be updated with what is going on in China in terms of
humanity, and undertook to share the sad news with their friends. Some
decided to cancel their visits to, or to review their business relation
with China. A few even offered to take immediate protest action or to
go on hunger strike. On the other hand it was comforting to note that
the viewers realized that these evil actions by the CCP are not part of
the traditional Chinese culture after clarifications through the "Nine
Commentaries on the Communist Party." Still other were very impressed
by the unusual  phenomena (energy) shown on those "group practice"
photos. Nearly all signed the petition calling on the NZ Government to
take action to investigate and to stop all the murders of Dafa
practitioners in China.  Most definitely, "a picture is worth a
thousand words" was been clearly felt through the entire tour.

Here are some quotes from the 'Guest Book' for this journey:

(i) "I feel ashamed to be part of the Human Race that we could do these things to each other. What happened to Love?  

(ii) "I have no words to express my horror."

(iii) "I don't see why people are thrown in prison for meditating & have their organs removed while still breathing."

(iv) "Fantastic photo, so very moving to see the people still
persisting in their belief against such odds. The balls of light and
the shafts of light are so beautiful. Truth shall prevail."       

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