Destined Hearts Awkening

An Australian Practitioner

PureInsight | June 5, 2006


Across the Ages

A call across the Ages

from endless seas to distant shores

with all darkness fading

destined hearts awakening

comes the new cosmos

and the brightest of dawns.

When each realm ascended

every lotus emerging near to flower

a myriad of beings redeemed

for the grandest of schemes

one journey unfolding

inside this closing hour.

The Waking Heart

Towards the highest of summits

touching the sun and worlds beyond

above all clouds and empty skies

where the waking heart

finds wider horizons

and the call of a greater song.

Of fathoms dark and deeper

a land steeped silent in the mire

from blood red tears

behind the greyest walls

come China's waking heart arise

like a phoenix from the pyre.

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