A Turning of Time; Song of Spring

An Australian Practitioner

PureInsight | October 8, 2006


A Turning Of Time

A turning of time

as aeons unfold upon wingless flight

this darkness, only a moment in veil

a mere shadow passing infinite light.

Traversing path and passage

a promise of days anew

when dawns rise like no other

any clouds are forever few.

These darkest walls of China

hiding too many a shameless crime

closer to the world's awakening now

another turning of time.

Song Of Spring

From flower to horizon

comes the song of Spring

where a new morning's rise

brings tempering to storm-filled skies

ascent with many a heart to sing.

From darkness to light

upon a journey's flight of wing

traversing land and shore

countless life times even more

come the hour and song of Spring.

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