Waking Up

A Falun Dafa Practitioner in Austin, Texas

PureInsight | October 15, 2006

[PureInsight.org] (Written for the Houston Experience-sharing Conference in autumn 2006, as well as celebrating the 10th anniversary of Teacher's lecture in Houston)

Golden October, a season of harvest;

Countless disciples of Dafa, now fulfilling their vows of following Teacher for Fa-rectification.

Golden October, a season of gratitude;

Beyond description, is Teacher's compassion, high as mountain and enormous as sky.

In the long river of history, beings gradually tainted;

Time and tide flows, road gone astray and deviate;

Out of selfishness, only complaining about others;

Layers upon layers of filth, beings immersed deeper and deeper.

Beings at various levels, aware of danger approaching;

Degenerate notions, impossible to change oneself.

Wisdom exhausted, only appearances can be altered;

From top to bottom, the entire cosmos facing a catastrophe.

Compassion from the Lord of Buddhas, spreading is the Fa;

Heaven and earth reoriented, away from danger.

Through Fa study and doing exercises, striking changes in mind and body;

Cultivating to discard attachments, fundamental improvements seen.

Letting go of fame, interest and sentimentality, comes selflessness and righteousness;

Assimilated by "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance," sailing in the Fa boat to return.

Old forces impede, intending to test Dafa and disciples;

Rampant wind and bloody rain in the lengthy night, filled with fabricated lies and defamation.

Resolving countless issues arduously, suffering for disciples and sentient beings;

With boundless compassion, enduring tremendously is Teacher.

With faith in Teacher and the Fa, disciples firmly cultivating without pause;

Faced with right and evil, every being choosing the path.

Enlightened by the Teacher, disciples coming to know our prehistoric vows;

Amidst the long journey of history, relationship established for us with Dafa.

Colorful world and society, all kinds of tests everywhere;

Sentient beings awaiting, how can we lag slowly?

Understandings from the Fa, wasting no opportunities to improve at any time;

Stepping forward diligently and boldly, maze straightened and path displayed.

Doing the Three Things well: Fa-study and cultivating oneself, truth-clarification, and sending forth righteous thoughts;

Under the boundless sky, this is of highest importance and sentient beings

can have no complaints.

Time waiting for no man, grasping the opportunities;

Gods focusing on the Three Realms, heavy tasks on our shoulders.

The evil specter rampant, worldly people deceived;

Nine Commentaries and Quitting the CCP, Fa-implements and sharp swords.

As Dafa disciples, how can we ignore limited opportunities?

For saving sentient beings, any reason to be intimidated by roughness of road?!


Golden October, with no more complaints about difficulty;

During the remaining time, striving even harder to break through layer upon layer of barriers.

Golden October, Fa rectifying human world soon;

When Truth at last revealed, once again thank Teacher for saving us from endless suffering!

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