PureInsight | December 17, 2006

Long Chinese civilization with its glory

Divine land, thrilling splendid history


The nation's beautiful dream dashed-

By the Chinese Communist Party

At the hand of the evil CCP seized

At a stroke the nation's future has been erased  

Beside the Great Wall the restless souls are weeping,

Along the Yellow River the lost souls are wandering,

Crying about losing 80 million compatriots.

Crying for the suffering over the decades.

Dear compatriots think deeply,

How can we forget that pain blithely?

Tears and blood for half a century chill.

Old and new wounds bleed still,

Like a wolf is the CCP,

Cheating the world is its display,

Ripping its disguise with Nine Ping.

Nowhere to hide the evil being,

Gods will that the CCP be crushed.

Welcome the new era with relish,

Quitting the CCP, rid of its chain.

Eliminate the CCP with grace

Heaven and earth will gain

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