Dreaming of a Divine Heart

Joshua Phillip

PureInsight | March 23, 2008


Loneliness, so long, my companion you've been

And alone, with you, my tales are shared

Into the realm of nothing we've been

And together upon the gates, we've stared

We've sat alone, on mountain tops

And thought of life we'd never know

Up endless steps we tiredly walk

With dreams to end this winter's snow

How long I've known you, and for how long more?

For one day, I hope, our paths shall part

And alone, beyond, this go'er shall go

For my greatest friend and foe thou art.

And perhaps one day, upon the misty azure

A final cup of tea we'll share

Though I'm sure, in sadness will be your lure

But never again this heart you'll snare

For gone then, will be my worldly qing

And gone too the ropes of delusion it brings.

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