Truth-Clarifying Material Cured Eye Disease

A Dafa practitioner from Heilongjian Province in China

PureInsight | May 9, 2007

[] There is a
female manager of a privately operated tile factory in Heilongjiang
Province. When she went to the county's hospital to have an examination
for her cataract, her doctor told her that surgery would be required
for her eyes. Otherwise, she would be in danger of losing the eyesight.
So an appointment for the surgery was scheduled for her in 20 days.

During this period, she found a package of truth-clarifying material in
front of her home. After reading it, she had the righteous thoughts
towards Dafa. She thinks that Falun Gong is the righteous Fa and Falun
Gong practitioners are good people and are innocent. They should not be
persecuted and their grievances should be redressed soon. She did not
want to throw away the material. So she respectfully put it on an end

When she went to the hospital 20 days later, her doctor was shocked to
find her cataract was mysteriously gone after examination. So she
didn't need the surgery any more. The doctor asked her what medicine
she had taken during these times. She said that she hadn't taken any
medicine at all. Suddenly she thought of the truth-clarifying material
on the end table and realized that it was the truth-clarifying material
that saved her eyes.

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