A Promise and New Light

An Australian Practitioner

PureInsight | June 10, 2007


China, I Will Remember

China, crowded in confusion

cornered in this winter of days

come find your light

the truth shine your way

towards a spring where shadows fade.

And I will remember the victims

from torture to atrocity

every life lies bleeding

women raped and ravaged

when trampled under tragedy.

China, consumed in conflict

corruption and a rule by crime

come find your conscience

through this coldest silence

towards a spring closer to its time.

And I will remember the victims

nameless souls behind shameless walls

every tear cried and unseen

hearts too that cannot be crushed

when compassion finds its call.

A New Light Shines

The sun rises over China

horizons to the hour near done

where a new light shines

and darkness fades

where the song of freedom is won.

The truth rises over China

a flame to touch every heart

when a new light shines

and a 'Party' falls

when the sound of storms depart.

The tide rises over China

turning eyes to greater shores

how a new light shines

and bright sails fly

how the seas find calm forever more.

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