Two Short Examples of Reincarnation

Xiao Hui

PureInsight | August 15, 2007

[] There is
indeed reincarnation. When Mr. Heng Lantai's uncle was very little, he
told his family that he was a monk in the Wanshou Temple in his
previous life. Even though he had never set foot into that temple, he
was able to draw the temple and its doorways. He even provided the
description of its decor and the landscape around the temple. 
Someone did a survey of the temple and proved what he said was true. It
was strange because Heng's uncle never went to the temple. This
occurrence supports the validity of reincarnation.

Zhu Xi, the renowned thinker from the Song Dynasty, believed that
reincarnation existed. However, he thought that it resulted from the
remaining spirit of a person merging into a new life. There are also
quite a few examples to support this theory. In Cuiahang, there is a
person named Shang Long whose son died at a very young age. Soon after
the son died, he reincarnated into a neighbor's home. When the baby was
one month old, he could talk. On New Year's Day, when the parents
happened to step out, a visitor came to the house. The baby heard that
someone was at the door and said, "Are you Uncle XXX? Please come in.
My parents just stepped out. The door is unlocked.  Come in and
stay for a while." The visitor was shocked and afraid, but he thought
the situation was comical, too. Not long after that, the baby passed
away. This is probably what Zhu Xi meant.

Nonetheless, there are numerous principles in this universe and things
in this world are very complicated. People should not make hasty
conclusions according to what they hear or witness.   

(from Yuewei Thatched Cottage Notes)

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