Dreams of Reincarnation (2)

Tang Feng

PureInsight | August 30, 2007


Wandering in Hell

I had many trials and tribulations between my teenage years to early twenties. I was in a living hell on earth.

One time, I dreamed that I was in a dark, damp, and cold hell, as if
everyone there had committed crimes.  Some people had whips in
their hands and forced the criminals to take off their clothes and do
the work: working at hard labor day and night. Because it was hell,
there was no day or night and it was always dark.  I, too,
probably had committed crimes, but they did not force me to do work. In
addition, I was free to wonder about. However, everywhere I went, I saw
people with whips who forced others to be slaves. Anyone who did not do
a good job or tried to escape would be severely beaten. I watched them
work endlessly. I thought that it would really be better to be dead
than alive. I wanted to walk out of hell, but after many years, I still
could not find the end or the exit. I was very miserable and
desperate!   I woke up from the endless wandering in hell.

Soul Flying Out of the Body

I wanted badly to be a nun, but my parents tried everything to prevent
me from doing it. Since no one told me where I could learn how to
cultivate, let alone find a genuine Buddha Fa, I finally got married
under the most unwilling circumstances. Because I am the oldest, I had
to get married so that my younger sisters could marry.

After I got married, I got sicker and sicker. When I was 28 years old,
I had to have my right kidney removed.  While I stayed in the
hospital, I clearly saw myself dying and my soul leaving my body. Above
my hospital room, there was a ladder on which there were many dead
bodies. I tried to crawl over the dead bodies and move upwards. I was
so exhausted when I finally got to a red door that was open. I sat on
the doorsteps and looked down and saw other patients staying in the
same room with me. I also saw my own body lying on the bed.  I was
really uncomfortable and could hardly breathe. I knew that I was about
to die, so I shouted, "Help!" However, no voice came out of me. 
My mother was sitting next to me, but she could not hear my shouting
for help. Because I could not make any sound. I shouted, "Doctor,
help!" and saw a nurse push a cart with medicine coming over. She said,
"Tang Feng, get up and have a shot!" Immediately, my soul floated back
into my body and I regained my consciousness. I said, "Thank you, if
you had not called my name a little while ago, I would have died! You
know that my soul left my body." I grabbed my mother's hand and said,
"Mother, please don't leave me or stop calling my name, otherwise I
will die."

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