Out-of-Body Experiences


PureInsight | March 2, 2008

[PureInsight.org] Many people
do not believe in the existence of higher beings. They repudiate
unusual phenomena, such as one's spirit leaving one's body. After I
started cultivation in 1996, I heard of two cases of the spirit leaving
the body.

One was my roommate when I went to graduate school. She went to
graduate school while on the job and was naturally older than I. She
knew I was a cultivator so she told me her experience when we were

Not too long after she got married, because of an intrauterine
pregnancy she had a massive hemorrhage and was rushed to an emergency
room. When she lay on the operating table, she "saw" her spirit, in a
white gown, leave her body and float towards a door on the far side of
the room. When the door quietly opened, she hesitated a little and
didn't walk through the door. When she floated back, she saw doctors
were busy working on her body. In an instant, she returned to her body.
She recalled she felt she was walking towards a very peaceful world.

I told her it was her main spirit leaving her body. If she went through
the door, she probably wouldn't be returning to the human world.

Another person was a friend's friend who married an American. She was
in a dangerous condition when she gave birth to her child. During the
operation, she felt she left her body and flew higher and higher and
reached a very splendid world from which she really didn't want to
return. She encountered an immortal, who let her look down through a
small window. She saw her husband holding her crying baby and praying
for her safety. Her heart was moved a little and she wanted to touch
her child. The immortal pushed her and said: "It is not the time for
you to be here and your child is waiting for you to care for him." She
thus floated back and returned to her body.

Neither of them was a cultivator, but they got in touch with another world during near death. If we read Reflections on Life after Life,
written by Dr. Raymond A. Moody, we will find many similar experiences
in there, including one by former President Bill Clinton. It seems to
confirm what religions have been saying, that there is another world,
which is very magnificent.

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