Music: Feels Like 1936 Again

PureInsight | September 30, 2007

Justice Will Prevail


With the ugly specter of genocide hanging in the air once again, the
similarities between the 1936 Olympics in Berlin and the upcoming 2008
Olympics in Beijing have become more and more obvious. In both cases,
appeasement trumped principle, and brutal regimes ruled by political
parties that were a menace to both their own citizens and the rest of
the world were granted the privilege of hosting the Games for their own
prestige and glorification.

But around the world, courageous people of conscience are stepping
forward and saying, "The Olympics and Crimes Against Humanity Cannot
Co-exist in China." Here, the members of Justice Will Prevail would
like to announce our support for the Human Rights Torch Relay, and we dedicate this song to the success of its mission.

Feels Like 1936 Again

Words and Music by Randall Effner

Vocals: Randall and Sara Effner

Guitar: Randall Effner

Harmonica: Henry Clay

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