Stories from History: Zhang Zhibai's Simple Life

Zhen Yan

PureInsight | October 8, 2007

[] Zhang Zhibai
lived an uncorrupted and simple life. When he was the prime minister
for Emperor Song Ren Zhong, he lived just like an ordinary person. He
was very happy and content. Many advised him to change his lifestyle
and follow the trend so he would not be criticized as a hypocrite.

People around him said, "You make very good salary, but your life is so simple and frugal. Why do you do that?"

Zhang Zhibai replied," I heard that one gets more enjoyment out of a
simple life. With my salary, I can easily provide the best food and
clothing for my entire family. My common sense tells me that it is easy
to change from a simple lifestyle to a luxurious lifestyle. However, it
is extremely hard to change back and live a simple life again. Can my
salary last forever? Can my life last forever? If my family members get
used to a luxurious life, once I die, how are they going to adjust to a
frugal life? As it is now, whether I have my job or not and whether I
am here or not won't make any difference to my family. They live the
same way."

People admired him for his vision and understanding after hearing that.

Later, when he was seriously ill, the emperor came to visit him. His
wife dressed in simple and inexpensive clothing to receive the emperor.
In his bedroom, the emperor saw old worn- out curtains, quilts, and
bedding. The emperor sighed and admired his character for a long while
and then asked someone to immediately bring him new replacements for
everything in his bedroom.

For the later generations, anyone who wanted to cultivate an uncorrupted character would take him as a model.

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