From Silence to Freedom

An Australian Practitioner

PureInsight | December 17, 2007



Silence inside a tear

hearts you cannot hear

walls that shelter such bitter crimes.

Where truth behind your eyes

reveals all beneath your captive's disguise

and light beyond the darkest hour comes to shine.

Silence bred by fear

now a new day drawing near

as the world welcomes the 'party's' lies no more.

With many a conscience to awaken

and not one heart forsaken

China towards the promise of golden shores.

Come Freedom

A one-party reign

a terror campaign

clouds against humanity still

such lies perpetrated

vicious crimes instigated

behind the walls of China's regime until...

A spectre falling

and brighter days calling

come freedom for one and all.

A system against life

a sanctioning of strife

bearing more than a bitter pill

this world too blind

with a conscience to find

behind the veil of China's disguise until...

A new light dawning

and our hearts transforming

come freedom from this storm.

A purging of skies

a silent demise

courage and strength of will

this hour to reclaim

from any tears and shame

behind the face of China's days until...

A truth everlasting

and darkest times passing

come freedom from all shadows cast.

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