Poems: “As She Carries” and “As Your Hearts”

By an Australian Dafa practitioner

PureInsight | November 10, 2008


As She Carries

(For China’s Falun Gong practitioners and all of its good citizens)

As she carries
a heart heavy
clouded from the sun
with tearful eyes
and darkened skies
until a new day is done.

As she carries
a burden silent
denied of any light
with mournful cries
and dreaded lies
until a new world in sight.

October 10, 2008

As Your Hearts

(For all of the perpetrators of injustice and brutality against Falun Gong practitioners in China)

As your hearts
make for coldest winds
storms that batter the shores.
As the seas toss and turn
a new light comes to burn
the hope of a million sails and more.

As your hearts
make for darkest days
clouds that capture the skies.
As the winds swell cold
a new world ushers to gold
the promise of many a wing to fly.

October 10, 2008

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