God Will Not Overdo His Love to Anybody

PureInsight | March 23, 2008

[PureInsight.org] On my way from Rome to San Marino, I heard a very thought-provoking story about God in the car.

There was a famous soprano in Europe. She became very well known
throughout the world at as early an age as 30. In addition, she married
an excellent husband and had a sweet family. One day, she went to the
neighboring country to give a concert, tickets to which had been sold
out as early as a year ago. The concert was very successful and was
extremely well received. After the concert, the soprano walked out of
the theater with her husband and son and was immediately circled by her
fans who had been waiting outside.

Everybody talked with the soprano, full of praise and admiration.

Some people flattered her for gaining popularity and being chosen for
the national opera house and playing leading roles as soon as she had
graduated from college. Some people flattered her for being named one
of the world's top ten sopranos at the young age of 25. Some people
flattered her for having a wealthy husband who owned a big company and
having a cute little boy who was always smiling.

During all the remarks, the soprano said nothing but listened. When
people had finished, she started talking slowly, "First I want to thank
you for your praise of me and my family and I hope to enjoy these
things with you all. However, you only see one side of it and have
missed the other. The fact is, the cute little boy that your talked
about always having a smile on his face is unfortunately a mute. In
addition, he has an elder sister at home who is a schizophrenic and has
to be kept in a room with iron bars on the windows all year long."

Everybody was shocked by the soprano's words and became speechless.
They looked at each other, finding it hard to believe. The soprano
continued calmly, "What does this tell us? I'm afraid there is only one
explanation, which is that God will never overdo His love to anyone."

After her last sentence, people were still silent. But instead of astonishment, they were thinking, thinking carefully.  

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