Paintings by Falun Dafa Practitioners: Fortitude

PureInsight | May 4, 2008

[] Editor's Note: A new series of paintings by Falun Dafa practitioners will be exhibited in art galleries around the world. PureInsight will introduce these works starting from today. Please send your feedback and your requests for exhibit information to


"Fortitude," by Wang Weixing, oil painting, 48"x31" (2005)

Standing with immense poise, much like the icon in the background, snow and bitter cold fail to deter this lone figure. The harshness of the weather mirrors and reinforces the grim realities of human rights violations in China, depicted in the poster he holds. Liberty here, as often in history, must be won. The yellow cap indicates that the man himself practices Falun Gong, as yellow is a trademark color. Thousands in the Western world have joined efforts in recent years to end the injustices in China. Many in the West, however, are as yet unaware.

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