Brushing Off the Enshrouding Dust: The Ice-Covered Antarctic

By Xiao Lian

PureInsight | June 29, 2008

[] On May 12,
the earthquake occurred in Sichuan province. Half of China was shaken
by the earthquake, and the quake also caused mountain landslides. All
those frightened souls and cries for help shocked the whole world!

People paid close attention to victim's safety and the losses in the
earthquake-stricken areas. After the disaster, human being's
kind-hearted nature and caring for each other, which had been lost for
a long time, came back a lot. People in other areas reached out their
hands to the victims, which was very touching. This is a reflection of
people's kind hearts. However, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) took
advantage of the opportunity to sing praises for itself. What people
didn't know was that the CCP had already predicted this earthquake, but
the CCP didn't tell the public in order to maintain their so-called
"stability." After the earthquake happened, the CCP refused help from
international rescue teams and the CCP concealed the truth about
predictions of this disaster. What is also worth noting is that a lot
of school buildings collapsed during the earthquake while the
government buildings did not. Over ten thousand students and teachers
were killed due to those collapses, while the injured were too numerous
to count.

Here we express our deepest condolences for the unfortunate loss of
lives and the destruction caused by this disaster. On the other hand,
however, we need to see clearly that the CCP gives far more importance
to "Party ideology" than to human nature. In order to maintain their
so-called "stability," people's lives are not considered at all. Even
when the CCP tried to rescue victims, it inevitably did so to preserve
its rule.

If human beings abandon their kind hearts and love for each other, the
indifference of lives and devaluation of lives will fill up the void.
Because everyone wants his interests protected, if things go on like
this, everyone will become the enemy of others eventually. Human begins
are the owners of the earth. If human beings act like that, the
development of the society can't continue harmoniously. What's more,
the CCP suppressed all the religions after it seized control of the
state. This cut off the connections with the traditional Chinese
culture. This cut off human beings living in peace with nature. More
importantly, the CCP destroyed Chinese people's reverence towards
divine beings. People no longer seek answers to questions like where a
life goes when it dies. This got even worse after the persecution of
Falun Gong began in 1999.

Now the whole nation is in mourning for those who lost their lives in
the earthquake. But what we cannot forget is that after the CCP seized
power in 1949, the CCP has killed a total of 80 million people through
various kinds of movements. Now the CCP is persecuting Falun Gong
practitioners who practice "Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance."
So far, over 3000 Falun Gong practitioners have been confirmed dead due
to the persecution. The truth of even more cruel persecution hasn't
been disclosed yet.

Chinese civilization has gone through 5000 years of brilliance.
Although one dynasty after another dynasty passed, the essence of
traditional Chinese culture was inherited generation after generation.
After the CCP seized power, the first thing they did was to cut off the
connections with the 5000 years of Chinese civilization. The CCP
regarded all the elements of traditional Chinese culture as
superstition and eradicated them. Then they instilled Communist Party
culture into people's minds, asking people to align their human nature
with the Party ideology. To put it bluntly, the CCP wanted people to
replace their human nature with the Party ideology. Limited by the
length of this article, I won't dig into the details. Anyone who is
interested can read the book Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party and the book Dissolving the Culture of the CCP.

Now let's get back to the original topic.

Disasters like earthquakes and floods are often regarded as natural
disasters. People today usually don't think a disaster has anything to
do with human beings' virtue. At most, people may think that man's
disruption of the environment causes the disaster.

However, if you read history books such as Shi Ji or Zi Zhi Tong Jian,
you will observe that when a dynasty came to an end, usually many
disasters happened, or when an emperor had no integrity, some strange
phenomena would appear in the human world as a warning. When disasters
struck, high-minded emperors usually would take a bath and fast. Then
they held a ceremony to pay respect to divine beings. During the
ceremony, the emperor often expressed repentance in public for his
wrong-doings. He also promised to rule benevolently and care for his
people. Meanwhile, prisoners were granted amnesty. This demonstrates
that our forefathers understood the connections between human virtue
and natural phenomena.

Today, I would like to tell a touching story that happened a long, long time ago.

Now, regarding the Antarctic continent, we all know that it is an
ice-covered land, very windy, with no other plants except lichens and
moss. There are penguins living there as well. The land is rich in
minerals, and some science research stations have been built there in
the last century.

That's about all the information we have collected so far. Careful
observers might recall a map of ancient Antarctica. On that map, it
clearly shows the outline of the Antarctic land mass. (Since Antarctica
is the southernmost continent, it is covered by a thick layer of ice
and thus it is really hard for people to discern its outline.) However,
the map was drawn before the Antarctic continent was discovered. The
person who drew the map claimed that he had used a more ancient map as
a reference and that the more ancient map showed what Antarctica looked
like before it was covered by ice.

So, today let's talk about the civilization that once inhabited the Antarctic continent.

The Antarctic continent was once located near Sumatra Island in Indonesia, close to the equator.

The civilization on the continent went through periods of rise and fall
several times. In its last civilization, when the civilization
gradually approached its zenith, there were twenty or so countries,
dozens of ethnic groups, and basically one race. Of course, there were
also some races on other continents.

Compared to today's civilization, the civilization at that time was
much more developed. Since human moral standards were high in those
days, people didn't need to consume much energy in order to maintain
the development of society. For example, when people cultivated crops,
once they planted the seeds, they didn't need to plant again within the
next three to five years. The fruits produced by trees were very big
and nutritious. In borrowing today's terminology, the grains they
produced were "organic" foods. If the owner of a farmland did something
bad, or if he was very selfish, bad things would happen to his crops,
e.g. they withered or died. Anyone who saw this then knew it was time
for the land-owner to pay close attention to his virtue. As they say in
the Northeast, anyone who didn't care for his virtue would be unpopular
anywhere in society.

Although the energy they used in industry was also from coal and
petroleum, however, their technology enabled them to make full use of
the materials, leaving no pollution behind.

There was a difference between individuals. There was a gap between the
rich and the poor. However, that gap was totally different from the gap
between the rich and poor nowadays. Let me put it this way, the poorest
at that time not only owned a lot of wealth, but also had high moral
standards. They were content with what they had and didn't envy the
rich at all. The rich, relatively speaking, cared a lot for the poor.
They never looked down at people.

Basically, the whole situation was like that.

On that continent, there was a king of the largest country. The king
wasn't especially capable himself, but he knew how to choose the right
person for a job. He often looked inside and examined himself for
short-comings. He also cared for his people. Gradually, that is how the
country became the strongest on the continent.

One day the king and his attendant went out for recreation, taking the
opportunity to observe people's living conditions. So, they just
wandered about on the streets. Soon they heard people talking about a
Divine Being who would come to teach the people how to fly without an

The king said to his attendant, "Do you know why I am taking you out?
Because I wanted you to hear what the people just said. Last night, I
had a dream that a Divine Being came to me asking me to rule the
country benevolently and pay attention to introspection. What we heard
just now confirmed my dream."

The king and his attendant walked on. After a while they felt hungry,
so they walked into a tavern. The wine at that time was totally
different from today's wine. That wine could not only quench thirst,
but could also relieve fatigue, and moreover, people wouldn't get
intoxicated by drinking it. In order to prevent people from recognizing
him, the king had put on a mask before he left the palace. Since there
were already many people in the tavern, the king and his attendant sat
in a quiet corner. They ordered some food and ate. Then two beautiful
girls came in. They looked like they were from foreign countries
because they dressed differently. As there was an empty table beside
the king, the girls sat there, ordered food and chatted. The king could
overhear what they were saying. They talked about coming to this
country to find husbands, saying: "Everyone says that the people in
this country maintain high moral standards, and thus men here have
better characters." "If I can't find the ideal husband, I would rather
be single for the rest of my life than marry the wrong one." "Hey, I
hear a Divine Being is coming. If I can meet the Divine Being, I would
be very satisfied even if I am single all my life." Listening to their
conversation, the king had mixed feelings...

After the dinner, the king and the attendant went back to the palace.
Two days later, it was reported that a Divine Being came to visit the
king. The king greeted him immediately. After saluting the Divine Being
with a formal bow, the king asked him how to fly. The Divine Being
said, "Actually, everyone has the ability to fly. Now your people have
high moral standards and the aircrafts you have are pretty advanced.
However, no matter what, you still can't free yourselves from
reincarnation. For a living being, if he has a lot of virtue, then he
will live a good life without much suffering. However, he may not be
able to enjoy this good fortune forever, and his moral standard may not
be able to remain that high forever. The reason I came here today is to
tell you and your people that there are many ways to free yourselves
from reincarnation. Now I will teach you one."

Then the Divine Being showed the king his original appearance, the
image of a Buddha. Since the king had a good foundation, he knew some
of his past.

In a realm that was not far away from the Three Realms, Shakyamuni
Buddha was arranged to come to the human world at an early stage to lay
the foundation of cultivation culture and to help maintain the moral
values in human society, so that the Holy Law-Wheel King could impart
the Dafa in the future. Moreover, when Shakyamuni came, it was during a
prehistoric civilization before today's civilization. The purpose was
to form karmic relationships with different beings, and also to choose
his disciples for when he imparted the Fa during the current period of
civilization. (Although who would be chosen as disciples had already
been determined in heaven, however in order to avoid mistakes, very
often, the karmic relationships needed to be formed again in the human
world.) The king contributed a lot to promoting the Buddha's Fa. Also,
he was very diligent in cultivation. Before he died, the Divine Being
told him that in the next civilization he would be his disciple again
and his name at that time would be "Mu Jianlian."

After 1000 years' of prosperity, its morality was no longer good, and the country started to decay.

The last king of the country didn't believe in gods at all. He was also
very selfish and harsh toward his people. His wife, the queen, on the
contrary, had a noble character. In fact, this was because gods wanted
the country's civilization to carry on. But the king used all sorts of
tricks, and as a result, the queen ended up becoming somewhat selfish
too, at least she became indifferent to others. But anyway, the queen
was still upright, which influenced her two maids greatly. In the
king's later years, not only did he not believe in gods but he also did
something disrespectful to gods. This was the time that the page of
history would turn to the next chapter. In order to save the natural
resources for the next civilization and also in order to teach mankind
a lesson, soon after that king said something disrespectful to the gods
once again, suddenly it was as if the ground cracked and the sky
collapsed. A tidal wave dozens of meters high destroyed everything.
Moreover, more than ten volcanoes erupted and an earthquake occurred as
well. Instantly, that civilization with ten thousand years of history
vanished in the flames of fury from Mother Nature. The continental
plate drifted rapidly to the south. From the sky rained down many
minerals. Due to gods' arrangements, the continent became a cornucopia
of natural resources. Since the resources were for future humans to
use, they had to be sealed off. If it were sealed off by other means,
mankind might not be able to exploit the resources. Therefore, gods
utilized the weather of the South Pole. In addition, gods made it even
colder and more windy in the South Pole. As a result, the continent was
sealed in a sheet of ice so that at the time when human beings
discovered the Antarctic, even though human beings could know something
about the resources, they wouldn't know too much until it is the right
time for man to utilize these resources. That's why the South Pole is
colder than the North Pole.

Back to the queen, after her main spirit (zhu yuanshen)
left the body, she still missed the people and environment of that
land. The god who managed that area appreciated her care for the land,
and so the god arranged for her to be the queen of mermaids. Her
original two maids were still with her. Of course, they were born as
mermaids as well.

The world of mermaids was even more beautiful than the legendary
crystal palace. She was the queen there for five hundred years. After
that she reincarnated somewhere else. As space is limited, I won't go
into details here.

PS: The king who cultivated is not the same person as the queen I
mentioned from the later period of that civilization. But in this
lifetime, they both obtained Dafa. As for the two maids, one obtained
Fa and the other has already learned the truth about Dafa.

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