Looking From Other Dimensions: The Importance of Reading Good Books

By Zheng Nianxing

PureInsight | July 28, 2008

[PureInsight.org] An
old-fashioned private school teacher was walking alone in the middle of
the night. Suddenly, he ran into an old friend who had died. Because he
was always very brave, he was not afraid. He asked his friend, "Where
are you going?"

His friend said, "I am Ming Shi (a worker in the underworld).  I
need to take care of something at South Village. We are going in the
same direction."

The private school teacher walked with him. When passing by an old
house, Ming Shi said, "Here lives a scholar with great virtue and high

The private school teacher asked him, "How do you know that the person
who lives in this house is a scholar with great virtue and high

Ming Shi said, "During the day, people are busy with their livelihoods
and their true soul is buried.  At night, after they fall asleep,
they do not think about anything. At that time, their main spirit will
come out. If a person always reads good books such as The Analects by Confucius, The Sorrow of Separation by Chu Yuan, and Records of the Grand Historian by Shi Ma Qian, a multi-colored and resplendent radiant light from each word will beam out from his qiao
(acupuncture points). The brightest lights can reach the level of 'Chan
Xiao Han' and be as bright as the moon or a star. The next brightest
lights can reach as high as several zhang (ten chi). The next ones can reach several chi
(a Chinese unit of measure, approx. one foot), etc. The dimmest lights
are like a light shining out a window. Everyday people cannot see this.
Only ghosts and gods can see this."

The private school teacher asked of him, "I spend most of my life reading, how radiant is the light I emit when I fallen sleep?"

Ming Shi hesitated a little and then replied, "I passed by your home
yesterday and you were taking a nap. I noticed that you have read a lot
of books, but only a very few works of sages. Most of the books you
read are for personal gain, entertainment, and losing objectives. Each
word becomes black smoke which covers your home. It looked like your
home was covered by a dark and heavy fog that did not let in any light."

The private school teacher did not humbly examine his mistakes.
Instead, he angrily rebuked Ming Shi. Ming Shi did not argue with him.
He just smiled, and then disappeared all of a sudden.

The human brain is like a container. Whatever you put into it
determines the characteristic of the container. Therefore, it is
important to read more good books, not evil books. Don't watch bad
movies. We should keep a pure heart and mind.

A person will become noble after reading more good books, increasing
his virtue and cultivating himself in the process. Looking from other
dimensions, this person will radiate light that can reach as high as
ten thousand zhang. However,
if he reads a lot of bad books, he will have more bad stuff and will
become bad. From other dimensions, this person will send out a lot of
black qi and evil qi. Therefore, you have to be very careful what you
fill your mind with.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2008/7/6/53672p.html

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